RED Friday: What Happens If you Stop Work for a Day?

Generating topics for RED Friday

Can you imagine if you could stop work for a day? Titansoft offers no minimum working hours and now we don’t even have to work?! Of course, such a thought sounds all too attractive before reality kicks in. What about productivity, KPI, tasks on hand and emails?

It’s often we get so caught up in the whirlwind that we forget to stop and think – what exactly are we doing? The idea of RED Friday was to do something different with the expectation that experiencing something novel will trigger new perspectives and ideas. Continue reading

6 Unresistable Charms of Titansoft Social Committee

Titansoft Social Committee Members

6 new gangsters. 1 main goal. 6 unresistable charms.

Unresistable = to be irresistible, but in a more gangster way (Urban Dictionary).

Why should we know more of the new TSC (Titansoft Social Committee)? Well, simply because they are in control of any of Titansoft social events for the next one year! And knowing them, they often use threats or even blackmailing staff to join their activities (things that are usually linked to gangster or loan shark). Which is why I personally think we should know more about them; at least to get some hints for some the events that are about to come.

But if we can look beyond those gangster traits, they do have unresistable charms that we can all appreciate.

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Why do Communities of Practice Fail?

How often do we start something with fervor but neglect to monitor the progress or even feel baffled when the project fails? We have built up a few Communities of Practice (CoP) like TiQuality and other technical communities. But how well are we doing? Getting up close with Bas Vodde, creator of LeSS framework during the Agile Tour 2015 brought us some insights on how we can improve our CoPs.

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