Making Technology Tangible at CeBIT Conference

CeBIT Conference 2016

CeBIT Conference 2016 –  A showcase that celebrates innovation and creativity. Be amazed by how ideas transform from prototypes to actual products, get inspired by wild ideas. At CeBIT, the possibilities are limitless and that’s why our Titaners attended the conference to…

see how digitalisation is made tangible!

Titaners at CeBIT

What were we looking out for?

  • Trends
    Being a software development firm in Singapore, of course we wanted to be updated about the industry trends. What innovations can we be impressed by the software industry? We were ready to gain perspectives from other companies and see how technology is advancing through inventions. 

    Besides current trends, insights into future trends were important too. The different zones at the conference will indicate the industry’s direction. Besides, tech demos were a good platform to see developed but not published products to know what is up and coming!

What were we impressed by?

Drones exhibition

  • Drones
    The exhibitor was looking for like-minded people who want to shape the use of drones across all sectors and industries. Drones seemed like an upcoming trend as a driving force for technological development and there was even drone racing at the event!
  • Smart City
    Having dabbled a little into making smart meeting rooms in Titansoft, we were intrigued by how we can look into developing a smart city on a macroscopic level! What it meant was that we could program our robots and control them by customised cyborg chips. Sounds mind-blowing? We think so too, imagine the possibilities and opportunities!

What were our takeaways?

  • Compared to the past conferences, more companies were showing prototypes than real products. More were into selling and marketing rather than sharing about the products.
  • More participation from start-up companies that displayed MVPs and lean marketing.
  • Gained insight on European vs. Asian products. European companies focused on simplicity, automation, making fancy functions possible with added convenience. Asian products are more human and user centered.

Most importantly, we gained more insights on the industry movement and our position in this ever-changing landscape. Widened perspectives and new inspirations, CeBIT conference was indeed an eye-opening experience for us!

Were you a participant or exhibitor at CeBIT 2016? Leave us a comment to tell us how it went for you!

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