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8 Ways You Can Use Kanban to Improve Your Team’s Performance

8 Ways You Can Use Kanban to Improve Your Team’s Performance

Kanban Board of Titansoft’s Content Management Team

Do you find yourself or your team members stuck on the same task for days, blocked but don’t know how to move on? Helpless but don’t know how you can make things move?

Or do you spend just too much time each day, always interrupted by your supervisor or other team members, wanting to know the status of an item or simply checking up to make sure you are working hard to complete an item on time?

If you’ve ever worked in a team under a supervisor, I’m sure we’ve all once faced the same problems. And maybe, Kanban may just be the answer to how you can work out these problems and improve your team’s performance.

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Are you ready for Self-Management?

Titansoft's Self-Management Progression

Moving from traditional management hierarchy to self-managing teams, do you find yourself more aware of your competencies and contributions? Well, then it makes sense that you are in the best position to manage your career growth! With transparent career progression, it is easy to assess where you are or what you require to progress to the next level. Continue reading

Kanban: Evolution not Revolution

Compliance Kanban Board

a typical Titansoft Kanban Board

Kanban is about evolution, not revolution. It hinges on the fundamental truth that you can’t get where you want to go without first knowing where you are. If you have already attended the Kanban training, either internal or external, we are sure you know what a Kanban is and what good it brings for a team. Kanban underpins a “Just-in-time” (JIT) system that allows us to visualise our work and workflow, limit work in progress (WIP) items by reducing unfinished work (waste) and redundant task switching. Walking past the working areas in Titansoft, you will notice each team now has a uniquely-designed Kanban used to visualise their workflow. No one Kanban is the same as another as each Kanban caters specifically to each team’s needs and requirements. Let’s go on a tour of the different Kanbans!

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