Before and After: Our Transformation into an Agile Organisation

Group of Titaners

2015 celebrates Titansoft’s 10th anniversary.

It was also a very special year for many of us. There were many new things happening in our products and organisation. And as part of year-long celebration for our special 10, we interviewed every single one of our Titaners to hear from them their thoughts on our amazing journey so far.

Hearing from our pioneers, there used to be many more departments and teams at Titansoft. However, the company was much smaller at that time and one team might only have one Titaner! In 10 years, we have moved office spaces, experienced a 13 times increase in headcount and expanded our operations overseas. Needless to say, the company structure has changed greatly.

Ask any Titaner and most would concur that Agile was the biggest change across the company. Incorporating with the way we work, we created our very own Titansoft Agile working model. While we take the risk to adopt new working methods, we are also opening our minds to new innovation!

“It used to be more stressful and we often have to OT. With Agile, there is more self-management and flexibility, people are happier in this working environment.”
–Meng Keong

With Scrum, we have much more ownership over the code and items we deliver. We are also much more careful, spending a lot more effort on checking our work, and focus more on clean code.”

“It becomes more like a team sport and there is more product ownership, self-responsibility within the team.”


PUTEH, T.Points, and the upcoming T.Talent – All these changes are happening because our mindset has changed where we see the need to adapt to the changing needs of our people.

As our company structure changed, so did our people!

“It was sad when I had to move from QA to a product developer. However, thinking back, the new role in this department gave me chances to practice my technical skills more. With Agile, work is not stuck to the waterfall model where everything is piled up in one department.”
– Song Tao

“I started from a designer, went on to lead Creative Team, progressed to Project Management office and now take on the role as Development Manager. Everything keeps changing but I appreciated and embraced those changes as I grew along with the company.”
– Tomas

“Being in Support Team allows me to gather actual users’ feedback. I am still learning in this new co-work model and I only feel ready to go back to my old PO role after I feel some sort of achievement. In fact, I am also looking forward to have chances to collaborate with other teams!”
– Gerald

“Being in support was like fire-fighting; decisions have to be quick to solve things fast. I used to be more direct and quick to say my views. Now as a PO, it is more about analysing before communicating my ideas. I have to consider different solutions to a problem and how to communicate this to teams.”

As we embrace Agile, we similarly adopted other tools in our work to facilitate our working procedures. Yes, we are talking about Kanban! Everything is visualised when we place the items we are working on in Kanban.

Organisational changes flowed from departments to teams and then to each individual. Undoubtedly, it impacts the way we work, Scrum or non-Scrum teams. With Kanban, we see process and bottlenecks. We communicate more and misunderstand less which is definitely productive for our team!”

Company Structure Change

What will the next 10 years bring?

We can’t say for sure but change is definitely going to be the constant here in Titansoft!

Is your company turning to Agile as a structural change too? Share your stories in the comments below!

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