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3 Things to Consider for Great Job Posts

Nearly everyone has seen a job post at least once in their lives. Be it on print (like newspapers or random notes around bus stops) or on media (like the internet and online job boards), these job posts usually share one similarity – which is to describe the role of the position. Essentially, what you can expect to do if you land the job!

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If only we can add auras to job posts…

These job posts are usually very serious documents that outlines the responsibilities of the job as well as state the requirements to take on this role (Usually technical abilities. After all, you do need to know programming if you want to be a programmer…). There is absolutely nothing wrong with such a job post. However, we chanced upon a couple of rather interesting job posts and decided, ‘Hey. This company sounds fun. We are fun. Why isn’t our fun oozing from our job posts?’.

Thus, we embarked on a journey to improve our job posts. It was not an easy one, but we learned a lot along the way and finally settled on our current incarnation. Find out more about the 3 things we look at when creating our job posts after the break.

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Deliver the Promise of Productivity with Microsoft Exchange

Sync Exchange with your mobile, desktop, web access

Can you imagine how will your life be without having access to email for a day? No doubt, email is becoming one of the basic necessities: we start off our day by checking emails, reviewing schedules, looking for meeting venues and responding to requests via Outlook. All these features in Outlook are made possible with Microsoft Exchange, which can improve productivity and efficiency in the working environment. Continue reading

UXSG Meetup #15 – Open Space

UXSG Meetup #15 topics

UXSG Meetup #15 topics

UXSG Meetup #15 hosted last night at AutoDesk, Tomas proposed 2 topics for open space discussion and would like to learn together with UI/UX professionals from other companies in this meet up. First topic is about How to work together effectively with developer from UXer perspective; The second topic is About Traditional UX, AgileUX and Lean UX. Continue reading

Are you ready for Self-Management?

Titansoft's Self-Management Progression

Moving from traditional management hierarchy to self-managing teams, do you find yourself more aware of your competencies and contributions? Well, then it makes sense that you are in the best position to manage your career growth! With transparent career progression, it is easy to assess where you are or what you require to progress to the next level. Continue reading