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Agile Transformation: Work Practices Differences Part 1

Typing “Agile Development” into Google search brings up 123,000,000 results. Sift through the first 5 pages, spend 3.5 hours reading through webpages that all seem to be the exact same copy of each other with cosmetic edits, or worse, websites that say the exact opposite, and be nowhere nearer to understanding what an agile transformation is. Been there done that.

We have tried, and we have failed, and this is what we have learnt – to save you all that computer eye strain, mouse fatigue etc. 🙂

Speaking to Titaners across teams, we bring you the differences in work practices after our Agile transformation, broken down into the main areas of:

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A 5,000 Word (AKA 5-photo) Recap of the Image Processing Python Workshop by Women Who Code

Everyone knows about Photoshop but how many knows what goes on behind the scenes? Women Who Code Singapore hosted a 2-part workshop last month at Titansoft, to introduce the basic ins and outs of Image Processing (using computer algorithms to process digital images) using the Python programming language. Part 1 was a class on the theory of image processing, while Part 2’s hands-on workshop gave junior developers a try at picking up a few tricks.

We thought about writing a 500 word recap on the workshop, but decided to go with the other option – what better way to recap a workshop on Image Processing, than with a photo blog post? After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. So cliché but so true. 😉


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7 Ways to hone your Communication Skills at work

As a foreigner working in a Singapore, although English is commonly used as a medium of communicating in the corporate world, even IT Environment; Sometimes I find it a bit difficult to convey exactly what I want to say to my receiver- do you share the same difficulty as mine?

If your answer  is YES or if you’re interested in improving your communication skills further, you’ll definitely benefit on some of the pointers I am sharing.


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Clean Code Matters

Clean Code Matters

I have to admit that the idea of Clean Code is something new for me, and it felt like something that I never knew before! That fact changed when I got to know about Scrum; the Agile development framework. After I attended the Test-Driven Development (TDD) Workshop from Odd-E, someone recommended a book called ‘Clean Code’ that changed my perspective on how to write codes!

As Martin Fowler once said: “Any fool can write code that machine can understand.GOOD programmers write code that humans can understand.

Ever since then, I always try to pay more attention when writing codes. Here are a few points that I keep in mind:

  1. DON’T write any production codes without having any unit testing
  2. DON’T add anymore duplicate codes
  3. DO improve the code base so it is better than before

But, are these helping me to write a clean code? Not exactly… but it certainly made me care more about the code that I write, at least more than before!

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