Get Things Moving with Effective Call to Actions!

Call to Action
Your idea may be really amazing but what could be missing is an effective Call to Action to your pitch. That something that triggers your audience to want to do something immediately. So how do we do it?

Remember our 10 Tips to write your Call to Action? Yes, we were previously introduced to useful tips to know how to write our CTA. However, after attending a training in Taiwan, we gained more insights on how else we can enhance our CTA skills!

What exactly is Call to Action?

Making your customers do what you want them to do.

A call to action is not limited to one thing, an element like a promotion banner or a “BUY ME” button. The call to action design is a process: from the start of research, to product design and finally marketing. The purpose is to build something (it could be a product or service) that strikes a note with your target users. It is always important to know your audience.

Call to Action Design Process

  1. Research
    In this first step, start from business research and move on to user research. Make sure you identify and try to solve the right problems. Understand brand mission and vision to learn what you can do and cannot do. Try to learn more about the business model and understand current state and obstacles. Finally, analyse your competitors to find out what they have done well and not.Once you’ve identified your target audience, move on to understand their mental model by identifying motivations, capabilities and trigger points.
  2. Define
    Clearly list out in 1 sentence what your specific business and user goals are. Build your design based on these goals and try to target to trigger one action at one time.
  3. Design
    Use the 5A Assessment tool mix and match elements to build your Call to Action design on: Attention, Attraction, Action, Assistance and Again.
  4. Test
    Keep in mind that you are not your user. Always conduct tests (e.g. A/B testing, interviews and surveys) with your target audience to find out what works and what don’t.
  5. Improve
    No matter how good a design is, constant improvements will be needed to keep up with changes in market and user needs.

So keep inspecting and questioning to know what your users want, let your Call to Action be the  trigger to realise YOUR ideas!


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