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Agile Transformation: Work Practices Differences Part 1

Typing “Agile Development” into Google search brings up 123,000,000 results. Sift through the first 5 pages, spend 3.5 hours reading through webpages that all seem to be the exact same copy of each other with cosmetic edits, or worse, websites that say the exact opposite, and be nowhere nearer to understanding what an agile transformation is. Been there done that.

We have tried, and we have failed, and this is what we have learnt – to save you all that computer eye strain, mouse fatigue etc. 🙂

Speaking to Titaners across teams, we bring you the differences in work practices after our Agile transformation, broken down into the main areas of:

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A Product Owner’s journey to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional

SCR20146-Seals-Final-CSP-01This article is about what I have submitted to Scrum Alliance while applying for my CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) certificate, and I would like to use this opportunity to share about my Agile learning journey during my years in Titansoft. This has been a very different journey in my life for the past 3 years as it required lots of guts and commitment.

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My First Project Management Experience


I joined Titansoft in October 2014 as an Accounts Specialist. After doing accounting tasks for more than a year and familiarising myself with the job scope here, it started to become routine with not much challenge. As is our Titansoft’s motto to “Never Stop Improving”, we are encouraged to keep learning and to improve ourselves, be it on professional or personal level. For my accounting function alone, there were very limited areas that I can learn and improve further. Continue reading

3 Tips to Managing your Projects Better

Project management isn’t exactly something new to even one who has just entered the workforce. However, there is quite a difference between managing a school project and managing a work project. While that should seem obvious, the practical experience tends to differ from the theory behind how a project should run, simply because of imperfect information; there is simply too much uncertainty to prepare for, sometimes.


“Isn’t our project manager cute?”

One project that I was given the opportunity to work on was the video project ‘This is Titansoft’, which is a short video highlighting the culture of Titansoft that I briefly mentioned in an earlier post. Although I have completed video projects before and even worked on independent films, working on this particular project has taught me that project management, be it a video project or others, in the corporate world is not as simple as it seems…

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3 Stages of Video Project Management

Pig studio

Several months ago, I was offered to take up a project to produce a 10th Anniversary video (TS10) for the company. Without much consideration, I said “YES” to the offer and kick-off my first video project. You may ask me “WHY did you take up such project without any prior knowledge?”, “You must be an idler or a trouble lover!”

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Instant Project Management Pack 02 – Stakeholders


(Chinese version published on FunEvo.com 中文版發表於敏捷進化趣)

You just moved into a new apartment and invited all your friends. At first you worry how many guests would actually show up, luckily people started to show up gradually.

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Instant Project Management Pack 01 – Introduction to Project


(Chinese version published on FunEvo.com 中文版發表於敏捷進化趣)

Project Management and PMP(Project Management Professional) certification were pretty hot topics couple years ago, recently it seems a bit out-of-fashion as the Agile Project Management style getting popular. Many people would think PMP is evil and no longer useful because it focus on process and tools, and the ash bin is where it belongs to.

I do not totally agree with it because, Agile Manifesto said we value Individuals and Interactions over process and tools. It did not say Individuals and Interactions ONLY, TO HELL WITH process and tools right?

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