12 Best Agile Blogs to Follow


Agile Manifesto by Lynne Cazaly

Similar to the idea of continuous improvement in Agile Development, we believe that we constantly need to broaden our Agile knowledge. These 12 Agile blogs are the ones that I personally follow and read frequently (with no particular order). For me, the good point for reading other sources is that I can learn to be more adaptive – if I stumble in my current way of doing Agile, I can learn from other people’s experiences and try to adapt it into my own development.

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Why do Communities of Practice Fail?

How often do we start something with fervor but neglect to monitor the progress or even feel baffled when the project fails? We have built up a few Communities of Practice (CoP) like TiQuality and other technical communities. But how well are we doing? Getting up close with Bas Vodde, creator of LeSS framework during the Agile Tour 2015 brought us some insights on how we can improve our CoPs.

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Moving on to new frameworks: ASP.NET MVC 5 and React.js

Moving on to new frameworks: ASP.NET MVC 5 and React.js

There are many software developers that have used ASP.NET Web Forms development framework for building solutions. In late 2014, we conducted a feasibility study for ASP.NET MVC5 framework by applying it in multiple small projects.

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