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Interview with Tuan: Product Developer and also a Recruiter !?

Tuan is one of the senior Product Developers (PD) in Titansoft and is a member of the PD recruitment committee, where they assist HR in the recruitment process by reviewing technical tests and conducting interviews as well. In Titansoft, we believe in growing both in depth as well as laterally.

Tuan, one of our Senior Product Developers

Tuan, one of our Senior Product Developers

What does being a Product Developer (PD) mean to you?

In the past, we used to be developing software in the traditional way, which meant that I simply did the task that has been assigned to me. We weren’t concerned much about the quality of our codes and had to wait for Quality Assurance (QA) to complete their testing.

Over time, we adopted new processes such as Scrum. This changed everything, especially mindset. We do not just simply take up tasks. We now contribute ideas and take ownership of the product.

As a Product Developer, we do everything for the product, and will definitely care about the quality of the item – every aspect of it from end to end.

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Moving on to new frameworks: ASP.NET MVC 5 and React.js

Moving on to new frameworks: ASP.NET MVC 5 and React.js

There are many software developers that have used ASP.NET Web Forms development framework for building solutions. In late 2014, we conducted a feasibility study for ASP.NET MVC5 framework by applying it in multiple small projects.

What is React.js? Many programmers have been pretty curious about this thing that we have been talking about. I’ll try to explain that exactly here. Continue reading

Clean Code Matters

Clean Code Matters

I have to admit that the idea of Clean Code is something new for me, and it felt like something that I never knew before! That fact changed when I got to know about Scrum; the Agile development framework. After I attended the Test-Driven Development (TDD) Workshop from Odd-E, someone recommended a book called ‘Clean Code’ that changed my perspective on how to write codes!

As Martin Fowler once said: “Any fool can write code that machine can understand.GOOD programmers write code that humans can understand.

Ever since then, I always try to pay more attention when writing codes. Here are a few points that I keep in mind:

  1. DON’T write any production codes without having any unit testing
  2. DON’T add anymore duplicate codes
  3. DO improve the code base so it is better than before

But, are these helping me to write a clean code? Not exactly… but it certainly made me care more about the code that I write, at least more than before!

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