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ICA: Group Facilitation Training 2016

If there is one thing I look forward to starting my first job at Titansoft, it is the numerous opportunities to go for external training which are of interest to me. Hence, when the sign-up email came for the 3 ICA Group Facilitation Training, I signed up immediately, as I would like to learn more about facilitation skills through the workshops (other than the facilitation books in the library).

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Cut The Flab! – 5 Ways to Move It Move It!


We Like to, MOVE IT! (image credits: http://ringtonezzz.com/?id=73)

In the first part of “Cut The Flab!” series, we talked about the 7 ways to stay healthy through food and how such habits can be easily incorporated into our daily lives.

In this second part, we will look towards the ways of the second soldier: Exercise, and how to MOVE IT MOVE IT more often in our daily lifestyles, so let’s go!~

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Do you know Top 10 Negative Test Cases?


Negative testing, commonly referred to as error path testing or failure testing is generally done to ensure the stability of the application.

Negative testing is the process of applying as much creativity as possible and validating the application against invalid data. This means its intended purpose is to check if the errors are being shown to the user where it’s supposed to, or handling a bad value more gracefully. Continue reading

PUTEH – 5 Shades of White

The 5 shades of white

Do you know what is PUTEH? In Malay or Indonesian, it translates to white. White symbolizes purity, wholeness and new beginnings.

So to speak, we are a white canvas waiting to be creatively painted upon. We are a piece of blank paper waiting to be written with captivating stories of our journey — our learning journey. This year Titaners are going back to basics with PUTEH as part of our Learning and Development journey. We have 5 shades of white that covers a good deal of basic skills that helps our Titaners (our lovely employees) provide additional value to their work.

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