What have we learnt from PUTEH?

What have we learnt from PUTEH
PUTEH Trainings

As the year end is approaching, many of us have completed our PUTEH training or getting ready for the next year program. So what have we learnt from PUTEH?

We cracked our brains asking ourselves QBQ questions after problem solving training, drilling down to the source of our problems with 5 Whys. Want to know how we can better cater to our target audience? That’s when we got introduced to conducting user interviews and experienced for ourselves how to engage our interviewees. We can apply the User experience learning points further to any situations in our daily life, even feeling queuing is fun! Since the objective of PUTEH is to cover essential skills to increase our work productivity, the typing test definitely reminded us of our daily tool of communication – the keyboard. Hot keys was another method to facilitate a more efficient process with the core applications we use on our desktops. Last but not least, we learnt many useful formulas in Excel that we can apply to organise our data and documents.

What can we expect for 2016?

Well, since we never stop improving, Titaners can look forward to T.Talent that will be rolled out next year. Just as the name suggests, it is about developing the talent in you where general skills will be taught to help you advance in the path you want in Titansoft! These trainings are however not mandatory so simply opt in or opt out. For technical skills, each department will continue to carry out their own training plan to members. So continue to be proactive in voicing out the trainings you require to make what you love be what you do!

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