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Work Hard and Play Hard at Titansoft

Work Hard Play Hard

Titaners always work hard, but we never forget to have fun together as much as we can. Bonding with our colleagues through all the activities throughout the year is a fun way to know each person’s real personality. We are not just colleagues who only meet each other in the office, but we are also friends with similar interest.

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Never Stop Improving

Have you ever truly considered a company’s motto and wondered how it is applied within the company?

Back when I was in school, I looked at my school’s motto at thought to myself: ‘That is some standard PR stuff. No one really bothers with it do they?’ I mean, nearly all mottoes that I have come across all state pretty much the same thing and they just lose their meaning eventually when you figure it is just common sense… right?

Coming into Titansoft, I realize that the motto matters (try saying that ten times… fast!). For you see, ‘Never Stop Improving‘ is strangely applicable into the work that I do. As an employee in Titansoft, I have experienced this firsthand… and I am not used to it.

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This is Titansoft

this is titansoft

This is Titansoft

When someone speaks of the term ‘organizational culture’, what usually comes to mind would be things like values, habits or mission statements. In fact, most of the descriptions about an organization’s culture tend to describe it in a rather abstract manner, difficult for the mind to wrap around.

Organizational culture encompasses values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.” – Wikipedia

If you ask me, I find such descriptions generally unhelpful. Of course there are more text following the quote (and I could be quoting out of context but only because I did not have the capacity to absorb all of the information at the point of writing), but if you read further into the paragraph of the description from Wikipedia, it just boggles the mind further.

Perhaps, there were a simpler way to describe an organization’s culture. Perhaps, instead of telling, why not show it?

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“What?! You are a HR and in a ScrumMaster Course?”

Legally blond

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“We are going to lose our jobs!” a Development Dept Manager joked about it at our monthly management meeting. While I was scratching my head trying to make a sense out of it, he continued, “yea, and our QA Engineers and Software Testers too, if they don’t learn programming!” Continue reading