6 Unresistable Charms of Titansoft Social Committee

Titansoft Social Committee Members

6 new gangsters. 1 main goal. 6 unresistable charms.

Unresistable = to be irresistible, but in a more gangster way (Urban Dictionary).

Why should we know more of the new TSC (Titansoft Social Committee)? Well, simply because they are in control of any of Titansoft social events for the next one year! And knowing them, they often use threats or even blackmailing staff to join their activities (things that are usually linked to gangster or loan shark). Which is why I personally think we should know more about them; at least to get some hints for some the events that are about to come.

But if we can look beyond those gangster traits, they do have unresistable charms that we can all appreciate.

1. Chairman is just a name

“TSC Chairman this year is Poo Siang?? What is Chandra doing then?” – not that we doubt Poo Siang’s leadership role (or honestly we don’t know him well enough yet), but I believe we are used to the idea that TSC Chairman were always one of the seniors in the company. Turns out that Chandra using an under-the-table deal: he will join TSC for the second time, only if he’s not the chairman. But still… why do the role landed to Poo Siang? They tried to do by voting (which did not work) and a short discussion of which concluded as: it will be interesting if Poo Siang is the chairman.

Being a chairman is just a name though. They agreed on splitting all the tasks by taking turns to be the person in charge for different events. Everybody will have equal chance to learn and Chandra will double as supervisor, since he has more experience from last year’s TSC.

2. Getting out of the comfort zone

“I want to get out of my comfort zone” is the answers from most members. I agree that getting out of your comfort zone does not have to be a big leap in your life. It can start as small as what these guys (+1 girl) trying to achieve: they want to try organising events, try communicating to different people in Titansoft, they want to do… more! They know the different challenges ahead of them. But those challenges won’t stop them, since they can learn from previous feedback and aim for a better year.

3. Still keeping Agile

Since Titansoft believes in Agile in work life, they want to bring the same mindset to the team. That is also another reason why they will rotate the role of the organizer, and they will do more voting. Tuan, Rhenzon and Chandra already have some new ideas for Titansoft’s Olympic. That doesn’t mean everything has been set on the stone; they will still try to adjust those ideas so more people can join and enjoy various events.

4. Physically challenging

“I watched some TV shows and thought it would be fun if we do it in Olympic,” shared Tuan on why he joins TSC. He is not the only one; actually half of the members already have few ideas for the games, with few refinements needed of course. They will try their best to accommodate everyone, but they promise the game would be more physically challenging. Yikes! Good luck for us who aren’t sporty enough!

5. Bringing Fun (and Silliness)

Organising events, whether you have done it before or not, will always have problems. Balancing their time in TSC against their own daily work and home is one of the problems they could already see. Being positive-thinkers, they believe they can manage it! They have seen previous members have done an excellent job, and now it’s their turn.

They also see this chance to get to know other Titaners (outside of their team) better. Tuan believes he is actually a joker, but not many people other than his team know his true personality. And as Chiu Yee said, “Because sometimes I did silly stuff, so I hope I can make people laugh with my silly ideas.”

6. One goal

These 6 members with 6 different personalities share one goal: All Titaners should have a fun and enjoy all the events that they will organise for this year!

They will try to post more in Titansoft Facebook Group this year too, so other Titaners can always get updated faster! They begin with their own self-introduction video:

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