When Agile meets Facilitation: Building Self-organizing Teams in Scrum


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I always think being a Scrum Master is like being a legend , a Scrum Master helps the Team to understand Scrum and Agile, supports the Team to level-up technical practices, guides the Team to be self-organizing, removes impediments to the  Team’s progress, etc. And to make the job even more complicated, Scrum Master does not have authority over the Team, the Team does not listen to Scrum Master (Unless Team choose to)!

If you look at all these responsibilities individually they seem achievable, but when you put them together it is very challenging for one person to execute. And the one responsibility that confused me the most was that the Scrum Master needs to “Facilitate”, and I had no idea what it meant back in 2014. Continue reading

Interview with our GM: Finding treasures in books

Yves blog

Do you know that our GM, Yves is an avid book reader?

His passion for reading and hunger for knowledge is evident from the many books all around our office. Any Titaner is also free to borrow these books to learn, cultivate and be inspired from the different book genres.

Curious about how he finds the time and inspiration to read so often? Read on for our exclusive interview to hear from Yves about his reading habits!

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The Journey of Kor in Titansoft

Who is Kor?

What do I achieve as a Titaner? How can I achieve this? These have been questions many of us have been asking ourselves. Kor, a familiar name to most of us, has also asked himself these questions before. He is open to changes and constant learning which gave him the opportunity to be where he is today as a Product Owner (PO).

Having been with us for nearly 7 years, and yes, I’m saying 7 years, he has experienced different roles and gone through tough routes. We are honoured to have him share his journey with us from a support staff to being a Team Lead and now a PO. Continue reading

New Insights on 3 Principles That Build a Collaborative Team

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“Oh man, I screw this up. I’m really sorry.”

“I’m not good at this, and can you teach me?”

Do you hear this often from people in your team? Or do you feel comfortable to acknowledge your mistake or weakness in front of your team members?

In my recent readings, I came across some refreshing concepts that gave me new insights about building a collaborative team. The concepts entail three key principles that sound simple but yet powerful for creating an effective collaborative team and cohesive organization culture.  The three principles are Respect, Trust, and Integrity. People often know them in a broad meaning and they often form the core values that many companies may adopt. But, let’s zoom in to see how they apply to actual workplace and translate to collaborative team culture. Continue reading

7 Key Factors for Agile Testing


Janet Gregory at the Titansoft office!

A couple of months ago, we invited Janet Gregory to our company for a sharing on Agile Testing. Janet is the co-author of the Agile Testing book. One of the key take away from the sharing was testing is an activity throughout the sprint. It’s not a phase where testing can started after development is done. In addition, she also mentioned 7 key factors for an Agile testing which I found really interesting.

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