Interview with Raymond: Journey of UX in Agile Environment


Our User Experience (UX) Team Lead, Raymond started his journey with us in 2014. Back then, UX was relatively new to him (as a Web Designer) and within a short period of 2 years, he now guides fellow UX members in learning and practicing the wonderful field of user experience. Today, we find out more about his UX journey and how the UX team works in an agile environment. Continue reading

Finding the right balance between Agile Development and UX Development

Finding the perfect combo. Some stuff just goes well with each other. Peanut butter and jelly, pizza and beer, Batman and Robin, we can go on and on. But what about Nutella and fries? Gin and raspberries? And here’s one that is one of the most debatable in our field – Agile Development and UX Development.

It may sound wrong and make you feel uncomfortable if you mix them together, but eventually it can turn out pretty well!

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Facilitation Meetup @ The Hive




1.    A meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking website

When I first heard of such a meetup, I was quite curious as I was unsure what goes on in a meetup. I began waiting for a meetup being publicized in the FB Group with a topic that I was interested to explore further. So when the Facilitation Meetup at The Hive came by, I took the opportunity to go for it with Allan and Zhao Jing, as I have much interest in exploring more facilitation techniques and how to improve further.

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#AgileSG16: We Ran the Polls

The Agile SG Conference 2016 was held from 6 – 7 October 2016 at Hotel Fort Canning. We are proud to be the Platinum and the T-shirt sponsor for this amazing event! We hope that you have had as much fun as we did while learning from fellow Agile practitioners.

Titaners at Agile SG Conference

The Titaners at the Agile SG Conference with Stanly (first row, 3rd from left) – one of the Agile SG organizers


Our Agile Journey

The Agile Journey is not always an easy one and there were many obstacles faced along the way. We condensed our findings and shared these lessons learned during the conference as well. You can find out more information in our other post: From Chaos to Control, from Control to Freedom.

The Doodle / Polling Boards

Again, just like the UXSG conference, we got curious and decided to ask the attendees some questions. So, we put up a couple of boards with stickers for the attendees to vote on. This time round, we even let others create their own polls!

Therefore, from the estimated 400 attendees of the Agile SG Conference 2016, here are our findings! (Also, a huge thanks to everyone who have contributed to our polling boards!)

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#AgileSG16: From Chaos to Control, from Control to Freedom – 5 Lessons Learned on Our Agile Journey

Check out the slides from the presentation given by  Yves at Agile  Singapore Conference 2016 !🙂 Titansoft is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the event and hopes every participant can enjoy learning and growing together with us over these 2 days. Do check stop by our booth to have a chat if you would like to know more about us!