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UXSG Meetup #15 – Open Space

UXSG Meetup #15 topics

UXSG Meetup #15 topics

UXSG Meetup #15 hosted last night at AutoDesk, Tomas proposed 2 topics for open space discussion and would like to learn together with UI/UX professionals from other companies in this meet up. First topic is about How to work together effectively with developer from UXer perspective; The second topic is About Traditional UX, AgileUX and Lean UX. Continue reading

Are you ready for Self-Management?

Titansoft's Self-Management Progression

Moving from traditional management hierarchy to self-managing teams, do you find yourself more aware of your competencies and contributions? Well, then it makes sense that you are in the best position to manage your career growth! With transparent career progression, it is easy to assess where you are or what you require to progress to the next level. Continue reading

Two-man, Four-eyes Principle

4 eyes rule

WHAT is the Four-eyes Principle?

The four-eyes principle is a working rule that any work must at least go through two individuals for some form of actions before it is deployed. In a business context, the four eyes required for approval are often those of the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), who must both sign off on any significant business decision. Continue reading

PUTEH – 5 Shades of White

The 5 shades of white

Do you know what is PUTEH? In Malay or Indonesian, it translates to white. White symbolizes purity, wholeness and new beginnings.

So to speak, we are a white canvas waiting to be creatively painted upon. We are a piece of blank paper waiting to be written with captivating stories of our journey — our learning journey. This year Titaners are going back to basics with PUTEH as part of our Learning and Development journey. We have 5 shades of white that covers a good deal of basic skills that helps our Titaners (our lovely employees) provide additional value to their work.

Continue reading