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Before and After: Our Transformation into an Agile Organisation

Group of Titaners

2015 celebrates Titansoft’s 10th anniversary.

It was also a very special year for many of us. There were many new things happening in our products and organisation. And as part of year-long celebration for our special 10, we interviewed every single one of our Titaners to hear from them their thoughts on our amazing journey so far.

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Never Stop Improving

Have you ever truly considered a company’s motto and wondered how it is applied within the company?

Back when I was in school, I looked at my school’s motto at thought to myself: ‘That is some standard PR stuff. No one really bothers with it do they?’ I mean, nearly all mottoes that I have come across all state pretty much the same thing and they just lose their meaning eventually when you figure it is just common sense… right?

Coming into Titansoft, I realize that the motto matters (try saying that ten times… fast!). For you see, ‘Never Stop Improving‘ is strangely applicable into the work that I do. As an employee in Titansoft, I have experienced this firsthand… and I am not used to it.

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Why do Communities of Practice Fail?

How often do we start something with fervor but neglect to monitor the progress or even feel baffled when the project fails? We have built up a few Communities of Practice (CoP) like TiQuality and other technical communities. But how well are we doing? Getting up close with Bas Vodde, creator of LeSS framework during the Agile Tour 2015 brought us some insights on how we can improve our CoPs.

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The Problems you may face in scrum and solutions

This blog will discuss the problems we encounter when adopting scrum and the solutions we choose to solve those problems.

Scrum itself is a nice approach to agile development. It helps on short development life cycle, frequent review, continuous valuable delivery, team diversity, team self management , etc.
To achieve all of these, scrum use the “sprint” as one short software development life cycle.

When adopting scrum, we encounter these problems:

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How should I arrange my team in my organisation?

Recently I had attended Bas Vodde’s training on Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and I have to admit that there is always something to pick up in his course, regardless how many times I had joined. We spent quite period of times in discussing how organization could structure their teams and what difference it could make. What are the common ways in industry, and what are the counter intuitive ways from his point of views, etc. This post will be highlighting difference of component teams and feature teams. If you are interested to know how much difference it could make, it might be worthy to spend next few minutes on this post.

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“What?! You are a HR and in a ScrumMaster Course?”

Legally blond

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“We are going to lose our jobs!” a Development Dept Manager joked about it at our monthly management meeting. While I was scratching my head trying to make a sense out of it, he continued, “yea, and our QA Engineers and Software Testers too, if they don’t learn programming!” Continue reading