Never Stop Improving

Have you ever truly considered a company’s motto and wondered how it is applied within the company?

Back when I was in school, I looked at my school’s motto at thought to myself: ‘That is some standard PR stuff. No one really bothers with it do they?’ I mean, nearly all mottoes that I have come across all state pretty much the same thing and they just lose their meaning eventually when you figure it is just common sense… right?

Coming into Titansoft, I realize that the motto matters (try saying that ten times… fast!). For you see, ‘Never Stop Improving‘ is strangely applicable into the work that I do. As an employee in Titansoft, I have experienced this firsthand… and I am not used to it.

It usually begins with a problem that we have identified. Mostly HR-ish things like –  employee engagement, core competencies, corporate culture, EVP (employer value proposition) and any other HR jargon that I can throw out here.

As with most problems in life, we don’t always have the best solution but we do try our best. Unfortunately and realistically, not all solutions work out the way that we would like and we fall flat on our faces. Yet, just like the phoenix, a mythical creature that rises from the ashes, we take a look at our failed solutions, analyze the entire process carefully with facts to back us up this time and come up with a refined solution or an entirely new one depending on the situation. In short, we review and pivot our strategies to get closer to the ultimate objective of resolving a problem.

Let us put this into context. One of the problems that we experienced was having low attendance for our exercise programs (a seemingly common problem faced by other HR practitioners that I have spoken to). Thus, in order to boost attendance rates, we introduced our T.Points system.

The T.Points system is a point system where our Titaners accumulate points by participating in our various activities (not just limited to exercise classes!). At the end of the year, they can redeem various benefits with the accumulated currency that they have earned throughout the year!

Having completed the first year of the program, we took a hard look at the behaviour of our Titaners and how they interacted with the system. After this review, we are now able to tweak our program to better accommodate the characters of our Titaners. And to us, this pivot is a step in the right direction, which is ultimately, an improvement (and we never stop improving, remember?).

This motto does not simply apply to one project, but actually works across all of our projects. With sprints and retrospective meetings, adapted from the Agile methodology, we are a continuous force of change. No matter how minor the change may be, we adapt based on our customers’ feedback and provide the right solution.

So, what is your motto? Be it personal, company, school or others. Do you agree with it? More importantly, do you work with it?


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