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ICA: Group Facilitation Training 2016

If there is one thing I look forward to starting my first job at Titansoft, it is the numerous opportunities to go for external training which are of interest to me. Hence, when the sign-up email came for the 3 ICA Group Facilitation Training, I signed up immediately, as I would like to learn more about facilitation skills through the workshops (other than the facilitation books in the library).

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When Agile meets Facilitation: Building Self-organizing Teams in Scrum


(Chinese version published on FunEvo.com 中文版發表於敏捷進化趣)

I always think being a Scrum Master is like being a legend , a Scrum Master helps the Team to understand Scrum and Agile, supports the Team to level-up technical practices, guides the Team to be self-organizing, removes impediments to the  Team’s progress, etc. And to make the job even more complicated, Scrum Master does not have authority over the Team, the Team does not listen to Scrum Master (Unless Team choose to)!

If you look at all these responsibilities individually they seem achievable, but when you put them together it is very challenging for one person to execute. And the one responsibility that confused me the most was that the Scrum Master needs to “Facilitate”, and I had no idea what it meant back in 2014. Continue reading