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Cheating or Not? – Testers Disclose Test Plans for Developer to Pass the Checking

You might be thinking that the title doesn’t make sense and how would this be helpful to the development of software? A common perspective where test should be independence, thus it’s safest to be separated from development. Though this statement does make sense, Gojko Adzic’s book, “Bridging the Communication Gap”, brings new perspective on way of working between testers and developers through Agile Acceptance Testing. Gojko suggested an upfront workshop where tests are constructed before implementation starts. The workshop involves testers, developers and best with customers, together in creating tests that satisfy new requirements. Below are few benefits of the practice:

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What’s Your Definition of Done?

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2014 has been an eventful and fruitful year for us. We tried many new things, and we learned many more. I’m sure many of us will always remember the keywords such as “Agile”, “Scrum” and “WIG” we’ve heard many times during the past year. For me personally, I remembered most strongly about a story that happened in 2014.

– Tomas

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Do you know Top 10 Negative Test Cases?


Negative testing, commonly referred to as error path testing or failure testing is generally done to ensure the stability of the application.

Negative testing is the process of applying as much creativity as possible and validating the application against invalid data. This means its intended purpose is to check if the errors are being shown to the user where it’s supposed to, or handling a bad value more gracefully. Continue reading

Are you ready for Self-Management?

Titansoft's Self-Management Progression

Moving from traditional management hierarchy to self-managing teams, do you find yourself more aware of your competencies and contributions? Well, then it makes sense that you are in the best position to manage your career growth! With transparent career progression, it is easy to assess where you are or what you require to progress to the next level. Continue reading