Making a Titaner’s Day :)

Who says work days always need to be about.. well, work? It can be about fun too! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, after all. Our HR team loves giving our Titaners reasons to smile and we wanted to embark on a few a mini-projects to brighten up everyone’s day. As an example, our HR team organized a surprise event during Chinese New Year for our staff with our very own Titansoft Cai Shen Ye (Fortune God) making a surprise appearance 😀

I can tell you that it was really difficult to keep the cat in the bag cos we were so excited about it and we’ve all got good friends across departments.

First off, making sure everyone looked festive for photos with our Cai Shen Ye without giving away the surprise! I don’t know if this is common in the IT industry but a majority of our software developers are always in… not very auspicious and festive is it? So we pretended that we wanted to take a big Titansoft Family photo to commemorate Chinese New Year. We had props and everything.

First time I’ve seen so many Titaners in such bright colours

So with that settled, we all went about our normal workday and towards the end of it, it was time for our Fortune God to make his surprise appearance!

We burst into every work area with loud Chinese music and a shower of lucky gold chocolate coins.It was really great to see everyone’s happy shocked faces and everyone wanted a photo with our jolly Fortune God.


To kick things up a notch we even had our very own ‘ Lucky Number Generator’. How does it work? You simply pull the arm (‘lever’) of the machine and after she was done imitating a bell every person in the row randomly threw out a number. Seems silly but it was kinda fun. Every department had their own set of lucky numbers! :p


All in all, the aim was to brighten up our staff’s day by letting them be part of the fun and judging by all the smiling faces, I think we managed to achieve that and all the work and preparation paid off J We hope that it gave everyone a great start to the lunar new year and we can’t wait to keep making their work days a little bit brighter.

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