Titansoft 10 Year Anniversary Video – Behind the Scenes

Have you seen the Titansoft 10 Year Anniversary Video? (If you have not, you can view it below!)

You can also read about the thoughts from our Project Manager of this video. But have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the production of such videos? How does a software house such videos and why do they deviate from their core business to produce awesome videos instead?

2015 was a very special year for us as we hit 10-years old! That’s right, we are entering our teenage years soon! If you have always followed Titansoft’s Facebook page or simply checked out our website, you would have discovered other videos! Simply put, video-making is not just a tenth year special.

In Titansoft, we are firm believers of always stepping out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves with new projects! Remember never stop improving? That is just what we do over here – always opening ourselves up to new experiences, new challenges and new possibilities!

Collaboration between HR and User Experience (UX) Team

First and foremost, when we refer to collaboration, we don’t just mean that HR worked on the direction of the video (i.e. what to show) while our creative UX team slugged at the production. Our cast and crew includes HR personnel as well. Yes, they handled the equipment too!

For you see, as long as you have the passion and the willingness to learn, our friendly colleagues at Titansoft are more than happy to teach us. This applies to many of our training sessions as well, even HR attends Scrum Master training!

TS10 BTS 1
Can you spot our HR personnel?

So what happened behind the scenes?

I won’t bore you with the pre-production work, but it definitely involves plenty of meetings as our production team hammered out the details for the shoot.

I will, however, show you what went on during our production, where the actual footage was shot. It took two whole days to produce that 7 minute of footage. Can you imagine the duration it would take for a full-length featured film? (You can actually, it is always reported on the news somehow. Months.. Years.. etc)

Since we have mapped out the shot list, we simply needed to stick to the schedule. However, production tends to be rather unpredictable and the shooting for certain scenes overrun the schedule and sometimes, it can be completed earlier!

This is mostly due to the setup of the equipment and lights as well as our cast’s ability to memorize their lines, which they did an awesome job in. As we are dealing with schedule uncertainty, we had to think quickly on our feet how best to iron out the problems and this requires being resourceful, again an attribute that our team had plenty of.

While working out the shots, there were plenty of factors to consider aside from time scheduling. We had to work out the camera angles, the lighting setup (that changes when the angle changes!!), the audio capture (that has to be crystal clear with no interruptions) and manage the batteries of our lights and our cameras. Oh, did I mention about data storage? Yes, our SD cards had to be managed too.

Fortunately, our more experienced colleagues guided us through this difficult but exhilarating journey. After all, we all felt like movie stars for these few days as we strut in front of the cameras pretending to win an Oscar. (Ok, not really, we simply didn’t have the time to do that…)

TS10 BTS 2
It is not as easy as it looks…

Experience gained – Level Up!

As video production is not part of our usual operations, we have asked some of the cast and crew about how they felt about the shoot:

“I learned about the power of working as a team, especially when we get to work with Operations Department.”

– Web Design Executive (who declined to be named)

As you can see, it is exciting to work with our Operations Department.

“It’s all about Team work, TEAM work, TEAM WORK. The shoot wouldn’t have been possible if any of us were reluctant to shoot the video.”

– Clare, HR Executive (who can be named)

It not only takes teamwork, but it takes the willingness to try something new, be bold and take the plunge. Failure is just a practice for success.

TS10 BTS 3
Sleeping on the job.. is allowed, kind of.

We hope that you have enjoyed the video as well as this brief behind the scenes blog post. If you would like to know more about us, do check us out by clicking ‘About Titansoft’ at the top!


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