3 Stages of Video Project Management

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Several months ago, I was offered to take up a project to produce a 10th Anniversary video (TS10) for the company. Without much consideration, I said “YES” to the offer and kick-off my first video project. You may ask me “WHY did you take up such project without any prior knowledge?”, “You must be an idler or a trouble lover!”

Com’on KICK the negativity away! By taking up this project, I may even pick up new skills along the way. AND of course a chance to work closely with other departments. Its like a receiving a HUGE Bonus!

Okay… Enough of introduction on why am I the project manager (PM)of the TS10 video. Let me show you the amount of effort/ time required for each stage below:


Pre-production Stage

As you have observed this stage is the most important stage for a PM. Most of the time spent at this stage involves just 1 key element: COMMUNICATION.

  1. PM is required to invest substantiate amount of time in meeting with the stakeholders to understand the requirements and expectations;
  2. At the same time, PM has to get closely involved in the meetings with the production team;
  3. PM has to be prompt in obtaining feedback from the stakeholders. Hence, able push amendments FAST.

If PM failed to commit any of the above, the project outcome will be as follows:

  1. Changes are not timely and causing the production time to be over-run;
  2. The completed product will be rejected by stakeholders (not understanding stakeholders’ expectations);
  3. PM unable to sell the production team’s ideas to the stakeholders, causing more efforts in managing the expectations;

Production Stage

This is BEST stage for PM, because the production team are sweating in your place. So what is the duty of PM here? PM mainly does monitoring roles such as:

  1. Budget tracking: to ensure the spending are still within control;
  2. Progress tracking: to ensure the production is on track and able to deploy more manpower if there’s a need. Also required to go on site to view the shooting.

Post Production Stage

Apart from having the privilege of viewing the raw footages, PM will have to perform these:

  1. Obtain the first cut ASAP and obtain stakeholders’ feedback fast. There may be a need to amend the video;
  2. Work with the production team to implement any new requirements;
  3. Revise work schedule, if there is major changes;
  4. Most Importantly reward the team for their hardwork!


Many people told me they are not making progresses in their lives, because there isn’t any opportunity for them. In fact they shut every single opportunity which was presented to them.

It is the courage to say “YES” to opportunities, which makes a difference.  I did grabbed that opportunity and was able to pick up some project management skills from the TS10 video.

Try saying “YES” people 🙂


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