Titansoft @ 2016 Career Fairs

Hands up to those who attended any of these Career Fairs – NUS School of Computing Career Fair (29 January), NUS Career Fair (01 February) or NTU Career Fair (02 February)!


If you had attended any of these Career Fairs, I’m sure it you have met our friendly Titansoft Ambassadors donning on their striking orange coloured “Talk to me LEH” shirts! Did you manage to talk to any of them?  Well, if you haven’t had a chance to talk to any of them, don’t fret because you can catch us attending many more upcoming events such as 8th STePS on 20th April. (Huge hint!)


Our team of Staff and Ambassadors has spent months preparing for this event and we were definitely excited to kick start 2016 with a Big Bang!

In preparation for the Career Fairs, our Recruitment Team has planned many activities and decided to be a little more creative in terms of giveaways. We are proud to present to students our very own customized Kit-Kats with motivational quotes from our staff! To all who have received the Kit-Kats once submitting your application, I hope that you all read them and not just munch down on those Kit-Kats!

Apart from the Kit-Kats, we were giving away our popular electronic dice. All we needed students to do was to ‘Like’ our Facebook page. Have yet to ‘Like’ our Facebook page, why not do so now? We promise there will always be interesting posts shared in the page!

Last but not least, we would like to thank the students who have so eagerly participated in our Titansoft Photo booth competition where our top 3 winners walked away with Power bank and free movie tickets! We enjoyed seeing so many creative pictures as students enthusiastically agreed to take a picture with our very own Titansoft Mascot, Tica! We hope that you love our giveaways!

With so many Career Fairs to attend, it is no surprise that we got so many applications as well! (Thank you for patiently waiting for your applications to be vetted through). It would not be possible if not for YOU enthusiastically coming down to talk to us and learning more about our company. We do hope that our Titansoft Ambassadors have met your expectations and answered all questions! If you still have any unanswered questions, you can always visit our Titansoft Website to understand more on our company or drop us an e-mail at talent@titansoft.com.sg.

What would you want to see in Titansoft for future Career Fairs or events? Write in the comments below and we will definitely review it! For all you know, your ideas may be up in the 2017 Career Fair Events!

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