3 Ways to Apply the ‘Winning Mindset’ at Work

“Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win”

– Bobby Knight, retired Basketball Coach

Success stories are beautiful, especially when an individual begins from scratch with absolutely nothing and turns his/her fortunes around. However, what we tend not to see would be the amount of preparation required behind the scenes. And for those that do see, preparation tends to be an incredibly immense and massively gargantuan amount of work required. (Yes, I do enjoy being quite redundant). With a winning mindset however, you will be one step closer to success.


Success is where we want to be. (Image credit: Pixabay.com)

A recent experience left quite an impact on us as an entire organization. From there, we began to dissect and analyze our actions to better prepare us for unexpected events.

From our inner reflections, we realized that we were so caught up in our learning that we have slowly forgotten about winning. We kept ourselves within a comfortable level and sat there pretty contented with the status quo. We were not winning.

So we decided to ask ourselves, “What does it take to win?”

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The Titansoft Mentorship Program

We have embarked on a new journey with a lofty dream to have all (yes, all) of our staff to be able to have a mentor to guide them through the ups and downs of work life in Titansoft. The mentor would act as a consultant, advisor, mirror and friend to his/her mentee, providing additional perspective and help bring out ideas to form resolutions to problems faced at work. To be able to do so, we have rolled out a mentorship program.

We call this program “Pathfinder“. You’ll see why.


When both paths look the same… (Image credit: thecoinfront.com)

The Discovery of Pathfinder

Pathfinder came about upon identifying certain trends in our Titaners through our T.Exchange program. We have come to realize that some of our Titaners are feeling a loss of direction with their role in the organization back in the second-half of 2016.

Realizing the potential magnitude of this issue, a task force was formed to work on it. Interestingly, while this could be easily passed on as a HR project to work on, we had a senior Product Developer on board with clear intentions to help his colleagues to grow.

The task force began by identifying the objective and milestones of the program over a 2 year time period. The overall goal was to instill a sense of direction in 70% of our staff within 2 years (Yes, it does seem hard to measure, but I will get to it later). And from here, Pathfinder has begun…

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Titansoft Alumni Club

Graduation is the term used when we receive our academic qualifications, usually for tertiary education such as attaining a Diploma or Degree. Here at Titansoft, we too use the term ‘graduate’ when referring to our staff who leaves our organization for any reason.

Titansoft Graduate

A Titansoft Graduate (image credit to Dinosoft)

But hey, the relationship between an organization and an individual shouldn’t end at graduation should it?

Therefore… *drum rolls*

Introducing Titansoft Alumni Club!

What is it?

The Titansoft Alumni Club is a newly established club exclusively for selected past Titansoft employees. Members of this club are entitled to some of the benefits that our current Titaners enjoy, including (but not limited to) referral incentives and conference group discounts!

There will also be various Alumni Club activities where both past and current Titaners get to mingle and learn from one another!

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Interview with Liangzhu: His Coaching Journey

Curious to know what is coaching all about? We had a chat with Liangzhu to find out more.


1) Can you tell us more about what coaching is about? How do you get to know about coaching?

To me, coaching is about discovery, awareness and choice.  It is a way of empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them to make conscious choices.

Coaching is more like being a facilitator – asking questions, guiding through the discussion, and using of inquiry to explore further.

What coaching does is to help people to be aware of and to gain a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses. In other words, it helps people to grow by knowing themselves better.

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Interview with Tuan: Product Developer and also a Recruiter !?

Tuan is one of the senior Product Developers (PD) in Titansoft and is a member of the PD recruitment committee, where they assist HR in the recruitment process by reviewing technical tests and conducting interviews as well. In Titansoft, we believe in growing both in depth as well as laterally.

Tuan, one of our Senior Product Developers

Tuan, one of our Senior Product Developers

What does being a Product Developer (PD) mean to you?

In the past, we used to be developing software in the traditional way, which meant that I simply did the task that has been assigned to me. We weren’t concerned much about the quality of our codes and had to wait for Quality Assurance (QA) to complete their testing.

Over time, we adopted new processes such as Scrum. This changed everything, especially mindset. We do not just simply take up tasks. We now contribute ideas and take ownership of the product.

As a Product Developer, we do everything for the product, and will definitely care about the quality of the item – every aspect of it from end to end.

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#AgileSG16: We Ran the Polls

The Agile SG Conference 2016 was held from 6 – 7 October 2016 at Hotel Fort Canning. We are proud to be the Platinum and the T-shirt sponsor for this amazing event! We hope that you have had as much fun as we did while learning from fellow Agile practitioners.

Titaners at Agile SG Conference

The Titaners at the Agile SG Conference with Stanly (first row, 3rd from left) – one of the Agile SG organizers


Our Agile Journey

The Agile Journey is not always an easy one and there were many obstacles faced along the way. We condensed our findings and shared these lessons learned during the conference as well. You can find out more information in our other post: From Chaos to Control, from Control to Freedom.

The Doodle / Polling Boards

Again, just like the UXSG conference, we got curious and decided to ask the attendees some questions. So, we put up a couple of boards with stickers for the attendees to vote on. This time round, we even let others create their own polls!

Therefore, from the estimated 400 attendees of the Agile SG Conference 2016, here are our findings! (Also, a huge thanks to everyone who have contributed to our polling boards!)

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UXSG Conference 2016 – What are the hottest UX tools?

UXSG Conference 2016 was held from 7 – 9 September 2016 at Suntec Convention Centre. We are proud to have sponsored the Coffee Experience and we hope that you enjoyed that delicious brew as much as we did. (One of our non-coffee drinking Titaner even converted to a coffee drinker after downing a cuppa!)

As we Titaners are curious beings, we also ran a survey to find out about everyone’s favourite UX Tool.

Why do we want to know

There are plenty of tools to aid in the many aspects of UX and we truly wanted to find out what are the tools that everyone else was using. As we also realized that this was a common question during UX meetups- we thought “why not ask more people and share this data with everyone?”

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