PUTEH – 5 Shades of White

The 5 shades of white

Do you know what is PUTEH? In Malay or Indonesian, it translates to white. White symbolizes purity, wholeness and new beginnings.

So to speak, we are a white canvas waiting to be creatively painted upon. We are a piece of blank paper waiting to be written with captivating stories of our journey — our learning journey. This year Titaners are going back to basics with PUTEH as part of our Learning and Development journey. We have 5 shades of white that covers a good deal of basic skills that helps our Titaners (our lovely employees) provide additional value to their work.

What is PUTEH?

PUTEH is a combined skill set that aims to increase Titaner’s productivity, processes and problem solving ability.

What are the 5 Shades of PUTEH?

P – Problem Solving

Aims to provide problem solving abilities such as defining the problem, generate and select counter-measures and devising a problem statement.

U – User Experience

Provide awareness and comprehension on the use of technology in providing a meaningful and sustained experience by end-users on the use of web and mobile solutions.

T – Typing Test

Aims to help save time and increase productivity with the intuitive relationship between your fingers and the keyboard.

E – Excel

Increase familiarity on the uses and functions of Microsoft Excel to produce more efficient and accurate data.

H – Hot keys

Employ tools and short-cuts to accelerate operations in your computer.

Sounds Interesting? Yes! So develop the skills you need and maximize your potential!

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