Cut The Flab! – 5 Ways to Move It Move It!


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In the first part of “Cut The Flab!” series, we talked about the 7 ways to stay healthy through food and how such habits can be easily incorporated into our daily lives.

In this second part, we will look towards the ways of the second soldier: Exercise, and how to MOVE IT MOVE IT more often in our daily lifestyles, so let’s go!~


Exercise Pyramid


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 Yes, there is a “Exercise Pyramid” which gives you a full overview on  how to maintain a “good, balanced diet” of exercises so that you will be able to full maximise your body’s potential.

Step 1: Moderate Physical Activity (Orange section)

This involves your daily activities, from walking to office from the MRT stations/ bus-stops, walking your pet dog, to playing with your children. You can attempt to increase the intensity of your daily activities to burn some calories at the same time. I will elaborate further on this in “Stairs Over Lift, Hands Down”.

Step 2 & 3: Vigorous  aerobics, sports and recreation (green and red sections)

exercise 2

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These two sections are known as cardio, which is the most common way of burning away the inputs. Cardio should be done at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. There are so many kinds of exercises, from simple ones like running, to fun ones like Zumba classes. Point being, choose sports which YOU LIKE, so that you will look forward to exercising, and thus exercising will eventually be less of a chore!

Step 4 & 5: Muscles Fitness, Flexibility exercises


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Many make the mistake of just doing cardio. As such, by not doing strength training and flexibility exercises, it  will make your workout less effective. Building up muscles, toning your body and gaining flexibility can contribute to a fitter body shape with higher ability to burn calories during exercise. Do such exercises about 2-3 times a week, focusing on different body parts such as the gluts, butt, biceps and triceps, to name a few.

Exercise Timetable


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All of us have the same 24 hours. Sure, we all have our own commitments and activities to attend to, but are we unable to craft out 4% of our time in our schedule just for a simple workout? It doesn’t even need to be one straight hour of exercise; two 30 minutes sessions or four 15 minutes sessions throughout the day are plausible alternatives. Just like how we arrange our meetings in office in our Outlook calender daily, why not slot in time to do a short workout? It will help you destress at work too 🙂

Okay, so I do have some empty slots in my day, but should I slot my workout in the….

Morning, Evening or Night?

PicMonkey Collage 2

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Exercise in the morning? Exercise in the evening? Which one is better? While it is true that there are both benefits and disadvantages in exercising in the morning or evening, or even which type of workout is better to do in the morning (eg. strength training is better to be done in the morning), the most suitable timing is UP TO YOU. Select the time that you are most comfortable with and STICK WITH THE TIME, because exercising at any time, is better than no exercise.

Personally, I’m not exactly an early riser, however I know the best time for me to work out will be in the morning, simply because I will not have the temptation to skip my workouts in the evening, due to my commitments after work. Also, exercising in the morning gives me energy boosts and a sense of accomplishment that I have done something productive for my body and myself (instead of sleeping in hehe). Yes, I admit in recent weeks, my late nights has made me being unable to wake up in the mornings to do my exercises. Which leads to my next point…

30 Minutes or 5km


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 Admit it, we all have our lazy days whereby we just want to roll around in bed and skip our morning workouts due to a late night, or the temptation of going for a after-work drink is more exciting than a evening date with the gym. On such lazy days (try not to make this kind of days a regular yeah!), have this mantra in mind: 30 minutes workout or 5 km (conversion from 3 miles) of walking, running, and the likes. Exercising, no matter how long the workout, is better than no workout.

Stairs Over Lift, Hands Down


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So you managed to fill up your day such that you seriously cannot slot in any exercise slots, or you want to have some bonus workouts. Well, the simple things you do everyday can help add up to your output for the day! 🙂

But how, you ask? For one, avoid the lift; take the stairs instead. Not only is it faster than the lift *Ahem*, your legs can get a good toning as well. When walking to your destination, try to brisk walk and increase your heart rate. Doing housework or watching television at home? Do strength training moves like lunges and squats. Trying to relax before bedtime? Try doing some yoga to calm your mind for sleep, on top of getting in some serious stretching.

So far we have seen the ways of the Food Soldier and Exercise Soldier. However both will not work well if Mindset Soldier is not in the picture. So look out for Mindset Soldier in the third and last part of…

“Cut the Flab!”

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