T.Exchange – The Retention Focus Group

Earlier, we have introduced T.Exchange as a group discussion simply for Titaners to share and discuss their concerns about work matters. However, as with all things Agile, T.Exchange has gone through iterations that better serves its objective as well as our Titaners.

Titaners writing their responses for T.Exchange

Let us explore the journey that we have gone through over the past year with T.Exchange and the evolution of such a program.

In Titansoft, there are many channels to provide constructive feedback and suggestions to improve the workplace. While some prefer the anonymity of a feedback box, others simply accept problems faced until probed about it. This is where a conversation becomes more effective and that is the entire idea of T.Exchange, simply to converse. With an added benefit of clarity, since we can talk about it rather than read a note from the feedback box not knowing where the writer is coming from.

Initial Concept of T.Exchange

The first few sessions of T.Exchange were pretty formal as both HR and our Titaners were unsure of how the conversation will unfold.

  • It began with a brief introduction of the objectives of T.Exchange as well as what to expect from the hour and a half session.
  • After explaining the questions to the participants of T.Exchange, they were then given 10 minutes to scribble their responses to questions categorized under:
    • Retention Factors
    • Growth and Development Factors
  • Once everyone has submitted their responses, we will then proceed to go through each response and probe a little to better understand the context of the issue. This practice tends to lead to the discovery of other issues as well.
  • When everyone has had the opportunity to share their concerns or debate upon the concerns of others, we wrap up with a conclusion of what has been discussed as well as our commitment to work on their issues from the HR’s end.
  • We also check with the participants on how they would prefer the session to turn out should they have the opportunity to participate again.

Challenges Faced with T.Exchange

After each T.Exchange session, we compile our observations into a report and identified a trend with recurring issues.

  • As we had already written the guiding questions on the whiteboard, our Titaners were usually distracted by formulating the responses in their head whilst the introduction went on.
  • The questions also make the session rather intimidating when one enters the room.
  • Titaners feel incredibly pressured to provide responses to the questions in such a short space of time.
  • Titaners do not feel comfortable sharing their honest thoughts.

Never Stop Improving – Program Edition

From the feedback presented from these challenges, it is clear that the program needs to be changed from the initial idea.

Instead of having a group session, we have decided to reduce it to a one-on-one interview to be able to provide a safe environment to share. Trust, of course, becomes even more paramount here.

We have also revised the guiding questions to include a section about current happenings around the office and the impact towards them as it is more relatable compared to common abstract questions.


From these changes, we are able to receive valid feedback compared to its previous structure. With every change made, there will of course be pros and cons and we intend to gather feedback and make tweaks again in the future.



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