Innovation in action at the NUS SoC 7th STePs event!


Last week, National University of Singapore School of Computing’s (NUS SoC) had their 7th showcase of their student projects a.k.a their 7th STePS event . In a room filled with so much innovation and talent, Titansoft partnered with NUS SoC as one of the event’s platinum sponsors in the hopes of supporting and encouraging the future of our tech talent in Singapore.

A little bit of information about STePS

It’s a festive yet serious class showcase, in which students present their projects in all aspects of computer science and information systems to the respective Faculty, Industry guests, Government agencies, Sponsors and Investors for grading, to connect with potential employers and to seek opportunities for further development of their work through collaboration with Industry and Investors.


As a platinum sponsor we had a booth where we could tell other more about our company and also interact with students.

titansoftstepsbooth.jpgOur booth! We ran lucky draws and electronic dice giveaways!

But of course the highlight of the showcase was… the student projects! I would like to feature a few of my favourite ones here:



(Photo credits to letterbox)

For those of you looking for luuurve. The letterbox dating app claims to make dating simple. Every user has a profile where they can post 5 “would you rather” questions, interested folks can then ‘send a letter’ by answering the questions. I guess users get to learn more about each other in the process to see if they hit it off! Anybody wanna give it a try? :p

Check out their cool poster here as well: steps-poster-letterbox


( Video credits to paperbaton)

Paperbaton allows students to buy/sell past exam paper solutions or helpsheets. I really could have used something like this when I was back in school hehe. Saves time for efficient studying 😉

How does it work? Poster here: paperbaton-steps-a1-poster

( Video credits to food flow)

Ever had to deal with the hassle of managing a large amount of orders during your company lunch hour? Foodflow aims to make your life easier by providing a platform that helps to manage this by streamlining food ordering workflow for both the company and employees. How?  It helps the company starting from choosing the available menus, collating the employees’ orders, and keeping track of order collection and payment by the employees. On the other hand, it allows the employees to view and choose their desired orders more easily. Making life easier. Sounds good to me.

The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home features the player controlling a protagonist in the mind of a preschool child navigating a familiar yet hostile environment alone. The game challenges the player to view everyday life from a different perspective and to find the courage to continue and find their way home. This is the only project that I got to actually ‘ try’ out on the spot and for a single term project it was really well developed! You can gie it a try too and download the game for free on Googleplay.

I was really impressed by the enthusiasm and passion with which the students pitched their projects to guests 🙂 Can’t wait till the next one!

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