Stand up and Speak Out for T.Exchange

Speak out with T.Exchange


Guess what? Money is actually not the defining factor why one chooses to stay in a company. It is fascinating to know that intangible factors such as a sense of fulfillment, company culture and your extended “family” created along the way play a big role for one’s continuity in the workforce.

Do you:
• Believe in Titansoft’s vision and mission?
• Hold Commitment, Agility, Passion, Practical and Integrity as your core values?
• Embody Titansoft’s goals?
• Have the urge to bring out the best in yourself and the company?
Then my friend, you are on the right track to become an engaged employee! To help you along this track, we have rolled out T. Exchange – our own sharing session for our Titaners (you know, those who work with us) to discuss and learn from each other!


• It is a group discussion hosted for Titaners to share their concerns about work matters
• It is conducted through a casual setting to provide both positive and negative feedback on policies, procedures or anything that bugs them
• Aims to improve work life quality in our workplace
• Snacks and drinks are provided so everyone feels comfortable

We truly appreciate and value each and every one’s efforts towards the company. One way to give back is to hear our Titaners out and collect their thoughts, ideas and anything under the sun to make Titansoft OUR happy place!
It is our responsibility to champion Titaners’ interest and we are all as one for securing a long-term partnership towards the company. So not to worry, all information gathered during our interactive sessions will be kept confidential and anonymous.

At the end of it all, the feedback will be converted into an action plan, which will then be executed and Titansoft will become a better place.


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