How I started exercising (again)

Fast forward 3 years of uni and 1.5 year of work life without exercise and here I am, sitting in front of the computer most of the time for work and leisure, belly getting bigger and had to buy new jeans and occasionally falling sick. I thought, it’s fine, still acceptable. Deep down I knew I don’t wanna buy new jeans again.

A “gentle” reminder came from Titansoft’s T.Fit programme where BMI was measured and people in the unhealthy BMI range were automatically enrolled in several education and exercising (HIIT, aerobics) sessions across 5-6 months. I only attended some of them.

There were some useful facts:
1. Simply eating 250 calories less (1 cup of coffee is 100 calories) and exercising 250 calories more per day is already effective in losing weight.
2. If a person took 2 years to gain 20 kg, it takes more than 2 weeks or 2 months to lose 20 kg.
3. If you have time to watch tv/play games/use phone/hang out with friends, you have time to exercise.
4. Exercise can ease depression.

Not like I had depression, but I was feeling kinda down from some issues. So fine, I decided to jog at least 12 mins every 2-3 days, minimum once a week. It was for my own good, which is true.

Jogging was and still is tough. My legs will feel tired, throat will feel thirsty, lungs will take deep breaths, heart will beat very quickly. I will feel like walking, I will want to stop. No, I always tell myself, I can jog slower, but I must never stop.

After 2-3 months of eating less and consistent jogging, I’ve lost 2 kg and my jeans feel loose again. It’s an excellent feeling and I hope to keep it up.

Remember, exercise is for your own good.

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