6 Ways of becoming a Valued Employee

Being employed is one of the many achievements a person can have in his life.
Like Titansoft, being part of a company that cares, leverages your career aspirations and helps you achieve your dreams is also a blessing.

#6 1

Some may be treading on the right track on their current career state, some may just have started and some may still be testing the waters. Whichever path you are on now, it is never too late to do a self-check. Stop and contemplate – what have you done well over the months or years and what areas would you like to improve on? Though there are limitless methods on how to be an employee or person of value, here we share 6 simple and doable ways that are especially appropriate not limited in our Titansoft culture.

Objective: Identify what needs to be achieved or accomplished. Understand the requirements. Spend time to talk to your supervisors and create the same mindset towards achieving the task or a specific goal. It is beneficial that your objectives are aligned with the company’s objectives because it invites positive motivation from within.

Plan: Reach target vs. Beyond target You have already identified what needs to be achieved. Now let’s gather the
resources together. Plan carefully. Plan thoughtfully. Define what needs are to be addressed. Define the method and timeline. Define what possible hurdles you may encounter on achieving your “Objective”. Do you stop when you
reach your goal or would you go the extra mile? You’ll be surprised how you can outdo yourself from taking that extra step.

Do: There is no perfect time than NOW.
You have developed your plan, and now it’s time to implement the solution. Get it moving! Avoid procrastinating—it can only hamper your looming achievement.
Check: Are you on the right track? Confirm the results through monthly checking on your milestones. It will give you an
opportunity to inspect whether your solutions or strategies are working towards your goal. Be ready to challenge yourself.
Act: Test the limits. Start acting based on your “checking” result! Make conclusions and recommendations. Document and
standardize the process to see if it is effective, or go back to the “Plan” and “Do” step and develop a different solution or try a different approach.
2. Remember these key points that you need to consider:
– Understand: Know what your company or manager wants.
– Keep Informed: Tell your manager your plan and how to achieve the task.
– Update: Tell your manager what you have done.
3. Develop Reporting Habit

Assure your manager that things are under control. It gives them a sense of confidence and improves their level of trust on you. Keeping them involved and updated demonstrates how reliable you are as an employee and as a person. Practice active listening. Don’t underestimate simple acts like repeating, summarizing and jotting down verbal instructions. It illustrates your enthusiasm and involvement in what you are expected to accomplish.
4. Time Management
Piling up of delayed submissions? Constantly cramming? If your delivery rate is significantly low, it may be time to rethink how you prioritise. The Urgent-Important Matrix is particularly useful to plan and organize your To-do List. Here below is a simple distribution on how much time and focus to be allocated on a specific task.

5. Environment Management
Ever ask why we implement the 5S Program in our workplace? What is its significance in our daily life? Aside from creating a cleaner and better workplace for us, in essence, 5S teaches us self-discipline, good manners, right habits and a positive attitude. A well-mannered and disciplined employee is always an eye-candy.
6. Image (PR)
How would you like to be thought of or remembered?
The image or personal brand you insinuate tells more about you even without you uttering a single word. It is your “personal mark” that makes an impact. It is your signature, your trademark, and your own personal patent—uniquely YOU!
The good thing is that you have the power to design your image as you will it. You can create the way you want people to perceive, think and feel about you! 5S Program influences your own personal branding too! For example, wearing
the proper attire, displaying proper manners and etiquette—as simple as it may seem, that is really how you emit an image as a smart and disciplined kind of person.


Now you are provided with the vital equipments to the road you are traversing. At this point, the only ingredient lacking shall come from no one else but—YOU!
You are your hardest opponent. The only way to be successful is to beat your own self. Take the initiative, relinquish your fear, and be stubborn and hungry for learning and improvement. Dare to do something beyond expectations.

We believe in YOU.

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