UXSG Meetup #15 – Open Space

UXSG Meetup #15 topics
UXSG Meetup #15 topics

UXSG Meetup #15 hosted last night at AutoDesk, Tomas proposed 2 topics for open space discussion and would like to learn together with UI/UX professionals from other companies in this meet up. First topic is about How to work together effectively with developer from UXer perspective; The second topic is About Traditional UX, AgileUX and Lean UX.

It’s always good to heard voices from different point of view, for the first topic, there have 3 developers and 15 designers in this discuss session. We try to collect as mush as possible feedback from both perspective about “What kind of problems faced in work environment between developer/designer” in 3 minutes time box to kick off discuss. Most of designers feel they had communication problem with developers. “Lack of trust, not look in to element details, requirement not clear, communication not effective, too often to technical terms, delay, last minute request, lack of basic sense of arts, their enjoy on their own…” most of designers said.

We try to find out more after this, one designer said “Developers are careless, they do not know how important it’s about alignment, color, transition behavior, font size and type…” Suddenly all designers are so passion, it looks happened in most of organization that they work for…

  • “Our developers request us use PowerPoint as wire frame tool to present how UI elements works and interact between with transition”
  • “Me too, PowerPoint or Keynote are best communication tools when explain design to developers”
  • “My designers use flash to share their element transition design concept to developer”

11705159_10153220938478300_7731550043633838613_nThe discussion end with conclusions: We all of us agreed that Collaboration is most important thing when work together as a team; Effective communication makes information transparent; asking people change its hard, why not change ourself first and influence other members. With those conclusions, I shared what I leant recently, the most effectiveness and richness communication way is “2 people face to face at whiteboard“.

And shared the QBQ book I read this year. “There’s not a chance we’ll reach our full potential until we stop blaming each other and start practicing personal accountability.” By John Miller.

Topics discussed in UXSG meetup #15

  1. Is there any crash course the teach myself others UI/UX. – Deric
  2. Ideas and wireframing. – EJ
  3. What must one know/skills to have before one can call themselves a UX designer / UX expert? – Caleman
  4. UX of smart watch. – Edward
  5. A better working model to work with developer. – Tomas
  6. UXSG conference 2016. – Khai Seng
  7. Usability testing from abroad. – Thye
  8. Supporting senior to grow juniors. – Sam
  9. UX career / $ – Zacrt
  10. Agile UX / Lean UX / Traditional UX. – Tomas

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