Global Scrum Gathering 2017 Singapore

The Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017 was organized by the Scrum Alliance and was held on 17 – 19 July 2017. We here at Titansoft are very passionate about supporting the local Agile community. In addition, we are extremely thankful to the local Agile community in our journey to become the Best Tech Company to Work For in Singapore 2017.

Thus, it only became natural for us to be the gold sponsor for this event to show our appreciation.

We did the Polls… again!

Similar to what we did at the Agile Conference 2016, we decided to consult the community for a few questions that we have had as well as help the community out by getting responses for their posted questions.

Here’s what we found…

Global Scrum Gathering Statistics

Was there anything from this poll that surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Thank you for sharing these results.

    I am pleased to see the (implied) recognition that the skills that make an effective scrum master are much more than understanding the Scrum artifacts. Indeed coaching and facilitation done well is what helps a good team become a great high performing team.

    I am also leaning these days towards a greater emphasis on effective facilitation as a way for the team to “self coach”. I feel that very subtly “team coaching” still implies something being done “to” the team rather than the team being enabled to do it for themselves.

    Of course the words don’t really matter, just the skills and the outcome.

    Wishing all Scrum Masters the courage and humility to help your teams grow awesomely.


  2. The answers to the most disliked aspects of Agile seems to indicate the ongoing confusion between Agile and Scrum. For example one could be Agile and use modified waterfall if you are valuing individuals & interactions over process & tools, working software over …. the last one of responding to change over following a plan is the most difficult but very modified waterfall could do that.

    The Agile values and principles create a lovely big multisport playing facility where many games like Scrum and Kanban can take place.


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