#AgileSG16: We Ran the Polls

The Agile SG Conference 2016 was held from 6 – 7 October 2016 at Hotel Fort Canning. We are proud to be the Platinum and the T-shirt sponsor for this amazing event! We hope that you have had as much fun as we did while learning from fellow Agile practitioners.

Titaners at Agile SG Conference
The Titaners at the Agile SG Conference with Stanly (first row, 3rd from left) – one of the Agile SG organizers


Our Agile Journey

The Agile Journey is not always an easy one and there were many obstacles faced along the way. We condensed our findings and shared these lessons learned during the conference as well. You can find out more information in our other post: From Chaos to Control, from Control to Freedom.

The Doodle / Polling Boards

Again, just like the UXSG conference, we got curious and decided to ask the attendees some questions. So, we put up a couple of boards with stickers for the attendees to vote on. This time round, we even let others create their own polls!

Therefore, from the estimated 400 attendees of the Agile SG Conference 2016, here are our findings! (Also, a huge thanks to everyone who have contributed to our polling boards!)

1. What Agile Methodologies does your company practice?

Scrum and Kanban are the most popular methods used!

The options were (from top-left to right):

  1. Scrum (73 dots)
  2. LeSS (11 dots)
  3. XP (8 dots)
  4. SaFE (2 dots)
  5. Kanban (40 dots)
  6. Open Space Technology (9 dots)
  7. Holocracy (1 dot)
  8. Facilitation (12 dots)
  9. Scrum-ban (23 dots)
  10. Scrum-but / Water-Scrum-Fall (10 dots)
  11. Make it up as we go / Null Process (1 dot)

2. Challenges we face on the Agile Journey

Budget and Procurement seems to be the biggest challenge faced.

3. User-Created Polls


There were a total of 4 user-created polls and they are:

  1. What Continuous Integration tool do you use?
    • Jenkins (26 dots)
    • Go CD (3 dots)
    • Gitlab CI (5 dots)
    • Travis CI / Circle CI (2 dots)
    • Team City (7 dots)
    • Team Foundation Server (TFS) (5 dots)
  2. What’s blocking you to become (an) awesome team?
    • Management (8 dots)
    • Trust (3 dots)
    • Process (2 dots)
    • Team members’ skill (4 dots)
  3. What is your ideal team size?
    • 2 – 3 (0 dots)
    • 4 – 5 (9 dots)
    • 5 – 8 (4 dots)
    • 6 and above (5 dots)
  4. How do you do UI Testing?
    • None (0 dots)
    • 100% Manual (5 dots)
    • Some automation (11 dots)
    • 99% Auto (3 dots)

What do you think about the results? Did any of them surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!


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