Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye

Bonding is always a good way for people to develop an attachment with each other, creating and increasing trust among one another. In Titansoft, we value the time spent with each other and will organize a quarterly event for all our Titaners!

Having to look for various activities, this quarter, we have decided to organize the Trick Eye Museum! So why Trick Eye Museum?

What? Not Many People has visited?

We have seen so many people posting pictures on their Facebook and Instagram, but not many of our Titaners have visited this place. This museum is an interesting and amazing place where you will see a two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images though the use of optical illusions!

Bonding Time 

We grouped our Titaners into groups of 8 with Titaners coming from various department and team. After which, we had riddles games planned for this event! Rules were also created to increase their bonding such as the highest number of likes will win a prize after posting it on our FB close group page and gather people to like their post.

Trick eye riddle

Unleash Creativity

Other than knowing how to code, our Titaners are able to unleash their creativity through their photography and posing skills.


In case you didn’t know, our Titaners come from various nationality; using this opportunity, we are also able to introduce Singapore to them since the location is at Sentosa.


All in all we had a good day having fun together and learning more about each other as well as how to get that perfect shot! Do you have any recommendations for fun company activities? Leave a comment below!

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