Titansoft Alumni Club

Graduation is the term used when we receive our academic qualifications, usually for tertiary education such as attaining a Diploma or Degree. Here at Titansoft, we too use the term ‘graduate’ when referring to our staff who leaves our organization for any reason.

Titansoft Graduate
A Titansoft Graduate (image credit to Dinosoft)

But hey, the relationship between an organization and an individual shouldn’t end at graduation should it?

Therefore… *drum rolls*

Introducing Titansoft Alumni Club!

What is it?

The Titansoft Alumni Club is a newly established club exclusively for selected past Titansoft employees. Members of this club are entitled to some of the benefits that our current Titaners enjoy, including (but not limited to) referral incentives and conference group discounts!

There will also be various Alumni Club activities where both past and current Titaners get to mingle and learn from one another!

Why have an Alumni Club?

As an organization, we really appreciate the efforts put in by our staff and even after their ‘graduation’, we would still like to maintain our relationship with them. Simply put, we would like to reconnect with our graduates and share some helpful benefits with them.

For our Alumni Club members, this is a good opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as meet new ones! Through networking sessions, they can also gain perspective from our experiences!

Who will be part of the Alumni Club?

The Alumni Club will consist of members who have once worked at Titansoft at any point of time over the years. An exclusive invitation will be sent out to selected members to join the club.

Perks of being an Alumni Club Member

Some (but not all) of the perks of being an Alumni Club member are:

  1. Employee Referral Bonus – It is only natural for graduates to understand the culture of Titansoft and as such, are actually in one of the best positions to refer new potential Titaners!
  2. Corporate Health Screening Rates – Health is wealth! The importance of health screening is ever so important these days and we still want our Alumni Club members to be healthy!
  3. Training sessions – One of the best ways to boost knowledge is to attend training sessions. Sometimes, we may have experts over for talks or workshops. Why not share these helpful knowledge to our Alumni Club members as well? This way they can continue on their learning journey with us.
  4. Titansoft Company Activities – These are the perfect opportunities to catch up with old friends (and make new ones) too! Why not have fun at the same time?

What do you think about having such a program within an organization? Let us know in the comments below!

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