Titansoft Achieves Business Excellence with Singapore Quality Class Certification

Another milestone achieved! We have been awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certification by SPRING Singapore! Not only that, we have also renewed our People Developer (PD) certification. Both certifications are part of Business Excellence (BE) initiative to help organisations improve our system and processes.

cbb1dfab8ab9935fc3661751021e6c4a27bbc05735ed154c4fpimgpsh_fullsize_distrWHY Business Excellence (BE)?

Titansoft’s motto of “Never Stop Improving” means we are constantly seeking improvements in everything we do. That definitely applies to our business performance and growth. BE’s framework allows us to review our management system, identify our strengths and help us to continuously improve our performance by benchmarking against the best practices in the market. We are honoured to be one of the privileged 180 out of 300,000 companies in Singapore to receive this certification that translates to trust and assurance in our stakeholders towards our business practices.


The experience was both challenging and fulfilling. We started off the certification journey by attending the BE briefing to obtain deeper understanding of the SQC requirements and the certification process. With the relevant information, the project team and management worked closely to derive the project milestones. While working to align our business processes with the BE framework, we identified the gaps between our current practices against BE framework. This helped us in devising and implementing improvements to our business processes. Along the way, we obtained utmost cooperation from our Titaners and management to participate in policy audits and attend certification update briefings.

In addition, working together with our department managers, Project Owners and in-house Content Management team helped to ease the process of retrieving data and information. This has aided us to speed up the application and finalise the application report. As the assessment date crept closer, we had several rehearsals to make sure we are ready for the big day. Fortunately for us, we had an experienced consultant from SPRING Singapore who helped us in the application report review and also provided guidance on the certification. His comments on our report, serves as a gauge for us to know how we are getting on with the certification.


During the certification journey we realised the importance of:

  • Communication of our company’s vision, mission and values to all of our stakeholders. We made a specific effort to communicate these to all parties involved to align the company’s direction and ensure we are on the same page.
  • Our current market salary benchmarking exercise which is one of the best practices outlined under BE framework. We are glad that it has been our practice for the past years to provide a fair environment for our Titaners to work in.
  • Succession planning which we initially deemed as unnecessary due to our young management team. Creating the succession plan allowed us to plan leadership development earlier that ultimately helps us to grow into a versatile organisation.

Achieving this milestone serves as recognition of our passion to ‘Never Stop Improving’. The valuable feedback we received from the SPRING Singapore assessment team also creates further improvement goals that we can incorporate into our roadmap to excellence.

We would like to thank our staff and business partners for their support in this journey! Thanks to Odd-e Singapore for helping us to create an Agile Culture as well as AgileSG and UXSG for giving us the opportunity to learn. We will continue on this journey to excel beyond our potential!

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