Doing Small Things with Great Love

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I was walking to Tanjong Pagar MRT one day and I’m sure that those who are familiar with Tanjong Pagar MRT, Exit A, which leads to Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, 100AM Mall etc, you will often see an old man standing just at the entrance of the train station selling tissue papers.

Disclaimer: Before you think that this is another article asking you to buy tissue papers from the old man, No, I am not asking you to buy from them, I mean if you have 4 packets with you, and you’re clearly self-sufficient, don’t buy for the sake of buying. 

Continuing on, it was that one day that it just happened that it was threatening to rain and well, as usual it was cold. At that point of time, I really wanted to get home as fast as I can, sit down in front of my television and have a hot cup of Milo for myself. It was such a messy day as you can see everyone scrambling into the MRT station, walking past the old man while he kept stretching out his hand asking for $1 so that he could pass someone 3 packets of tissue. Unfortunately, people did not turn him down and instead walked past him, treating him as invisible.

My heart was crushed. & I thought to myself, we have been working in such a fast paced environment, that sometimes, we are blinded by our own actions and words. Yes, perhaps you may say, the old man is used to it. But have you ever thought that he is someone else’s dad, grandpa and son? At that point, I very much wanted to do something for the old man.

& so I chose to turn back and head towards the closest coffee shop. I got a cup of hot Milo and walked back to the MRT station.

“Uncle, have some Hot Milo, it’s going to rain. You better go home early today!”

Trust me, I was afraid that he would reject me and I will have to lug back a cup of Hot Milo. Which at first he did. But, I just told him that he needed to keep warm and have the extra boost of energy if he decides to stay here to continue selling his tissue papers; after which, the old man smiled and accepted the hot cup of Milo.

Today, I am not here to tell you to buy a cup of hot beverage for every person you see on the street selling tissue papers. But instead, I would just want you know that in life, we cannot always do great things but we can always do small things with great love. It does not mean that you must only help the needy, you can always help anyone, your family, friends, your colleagues, and even strangers. Remember, that kindness is the most valuable gift to everyone.

Let us show kindness through our face, our eyes, our smile and through the warmth of our actions and greetings. Bear a cheerful smile. Don’t only give your care but give your heart as well.

“You alone cannot change the whole world, but you can always cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”- Mother Theresa

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