#AgileSG16: From Chaos to Control, from Control to Freedom – 5 Lessons Learned on Our Agile Journey

Check out the slides from the presentation given by  Yves at Agile  Singapore Conference 2016 ! 🙂 Titansoft is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the event and hopes every participant can enjoy learning and growing together with us over these 2 days. Do check stop by our booth to have a chat if you would like to know more about us!

Interview with our GM: Finding treasures in books

Yves blog

Do you know that our GM, Yves is an avid book reader?

His passion for reading and hunger for knowledge is evident from the many books all around our office. Any Titaner is also free to borrow these books to learn, cultivate and be inspired from the different book genres.

Curious about how he finds the time and inspiration to read so often? Read on for our exclusive interview to hear from Yves about his reading habits!

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T.Space: Titansoft’s Open Space


At the start of the month we had our very first day-long Open Space session! In very simplified terms, it was a day where the entire company was invited to take a break from work, come together and discuss! How can an entire company stopping work for 1 day bring any meaningful ROI? Well from the solutions generated by our Titaners, they certainly had a lot of creative ideas or concerns on their minds which may never have had an avenue to be addressed without this session.  Not forgetting the less measurable aspects like being able to mingle and share with other departments to gain new perspectives

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