What’s Your Definition of Done?

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2014 has been an eventful and fruitful year for us. We tried many new things, and we learned many more. I’m sure many of us will always remember the keywords such as “Agile”, “Scrum” and “WIG” we’ve heard many times during the past year. For me personally, I remembered most strongly about a story that happened in 2014.

– Tomas


When Stan first joined us as a consultant, I was eager to start doing something, anything. So I seek his advice on books we could start reading. He gave me a list of his recommendations. A few days later when we met, he asked
me, “How’re things with the book list?”

I didn’t have an answer. Feeling a little guilty, I promised to start buying those books for our Titaners. The next time we
met, he asked again. I could only tell him that I’ve purchased those books online but they were not shipped yet. Again and again, I was questioned. And every time I could only give replies that sounded like excuses. “Where can I easily find the books?” “How can I borrow a book?”


No matter what your job role requires of you. Be it programming, design, HR, whatever. For every task and item you work hard to complete every day. Are you just fulfilling your Definition of Done? For me then, “done” means going through the list of books and acknowledging them. But did that bring any value to my members, our products and more importantly our users?

2015 is now the year for us to go back to the basics. To rethink how we execute processes and tasks. Rethink the Definition
of Done you have decided for each small thing you do every day. Are they important? NO. It’s the product’s Definition of Done that is important. It is about the quality and value of what we do. Not the things we complete.

So I will end this article with that wish. That we will all discover and understand the Definition of Done for our products and the value it brings to Titansoft, our people, our stakeholders and lastly, our users.

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