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Clare is a HR Specialist in Titansoft! She has a soft spot for soft toys (especially pusheens). In her free time, she loves doing aerial sports!

Not a Team but a Self-Organising Team


We need to realise that although many groups are called “teams”, not every work group is a team. In Titansoft, through the adoption of the Agile mindset, our people work in self-organising teams to make their own commitments, organise and assign their own work. Working together, our people craft appropriate strategies to accomplish their goals, and make decisions with (again bounded) economic and organisational impact, producing a product or service that is valuable to the organisation and to our customers. But one should know that despite being in a self-organising team, they are not out there on their own, disconnected from the organisation. Continue reading

Pair Programming in Recruitment – The Titansoft Way


pair programming

As James Shore says of pair programming in his eponymous blog, “It’s more fun than it sounds: two programmers at one computer. One drives; the other navigates. Switching roles fluidly, they constantly communicate. Together, they accomplish better work more quickly than either could alone.” Teamwork never sounded so poetic.

Titansoft is an Agile organisation and we have been practicing pair programming since 2014. And having experienced the benefits of this practice, we are extending it to out Recruitment process. Having a programming session with a potential candidate is only one part of the hiring puzzle, but it’s often the most important one. Rather than looking at the CV and asking a long list of questions, which may not be as effective, we get around recruitment for our Senior Software Developers by holding a pair programming session. We believe that the pair programming process creates a better opportunity to showcase a coder’s skill.

“Through pair programming, our developer can know more about how the candidate behaves during real work such as his working style, coding preference, discussion etc. In addition, we are also able to show the candidate the way our company people code.”

Ji Zhoubo – Senior Software Developer in Titansoft

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Interview with Vignesh: Out of my comfort zone and into the world of codes


“I got access to a computer at the age of 13 and that was the very first attempt in writing a logo program.” – Vignesh

1. Tell us more about how you came into the world of software development?

It all started when I was in school and I had to make the decision on the stream that I wanted to go to. Having a choice between Computer science, Biology, Biotechnology and Commerce, I obviously didn’t want to be in the Biology class as it is usually 80% filled with girls. All along I was interested in computer science and I believe that I can do well in it! It was a challenge for me when I had to apply to NUS especially when I am from India, there was a lower possibility for me to get accepted. Thankfully, I got into NUS Computer Science and had no regrets choosing it! To be able to see that something I have built runs the way that I want it to be, gives me a huge sense of satisfaction! There is nothing more than writing a piece of code that gives me a huge sense of satisfaction and achievement to keep me going.

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A New Comer Guide – Starting your 1st Day right!

You’ve gone through such a tedious interview process – spending hours perfecting your resume, days preparing for interviews, weeks trying to impress your new employer and perhaps another few days of hardcore praying – you have nailed a job with Titansoft. You have signed the offer letter & all you need to do now is to wait for your 1st Day.


I know, if you have attended an interview with Titansoft and have read through 4 Tips to Nailing that Software Developer Interview with Titansoft you have just gone through the whole “Interview Emotional Breakdown Wave of Emotions and now you must be thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me, am I going to go through another wave of emotions?!”

I was once a new comer myself and I can truly relate how all new comers feel – it looks exactly like this.

Mix emotions

Wave of mixed emotions chart, you may call it; or any name you have for it! But, yes that is how I feel exactly on my first day – Happy, Scared, “Why must I work!”, “I am really growing old, I need to start earning money”.

Everyone has different expectations on their 1st day of work or even work goals. Here are some few additional tips that I can suggest which may help you to rock your work days in Titansoft!

  1. Come into the job with an open mind can make all the difference
  2. Coffee Addict? Be sure to locate the coffee machine and get youself organised
  3. This might sound counterintuitive, but the old “fake it till you make it” mantra isn’t the best one to follow when you’re new.
  4. Set boundaries early
  5. Be ready to ‘Never Stop Improving’

We can’t promise you the most glamorous welcome but what we can promise you is that your learning journey starts once you have set your foot into Titansoft. Entering to Titansoft, you can expect an interesting setting where you’re thrown together with different personalities (Yes, way more different than school). Be ready to be greeted by our warm and friendly staff!

Get to know all about Titansoft in 2 days– from understanding about our company’s history (no, we will not put you through a History lesson) and Titansoft culture; to learning about our HR Policies and Benefits you will receive; to our In-house systems we use; our company’s Market & Product; Ground Rules (because we don’t want to see you getting into trouble!).

I know, I know. As much as how uninteresting orientation trainings can be, in Titansoft, we will do it the Titansoft way – Prepare and expect a lot of conversations and activities going on during the training. We strive to give all our new comers a very comprehensive orientation so that you will feel that you have totally rocked your 1st day of work! By the end of the day, you may be feeling overloaded with information… so why not go on a walk around office tour to meet our happy staff!

Of course, we will not throw you into the vast sea once your Orientation Training ends! Expect a comprehensive new comer training planned for you plus numerous choices of trainings which will help in your continuous growth!

4 Tips to Nailing that Software Developer Interview with Titansoft

Your interview is in 24 hours, and you have 4 options to choose from:

  1. You start panicking and googling about how you should prepare for an interview with Titansoft
  2. You are as prepared as ever for this interview
  3. What is an interview?
  4. I’m so scared I think I’m going to pee in my pants tomorrow

Well, I’m sure everyone goes through this wave of emotions which I personally call it the “Interview Emotional Breakdown Wave of Emotions Chart”. (refer below)


Interview Emotional Chart

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