4 Tips to Nailing that Software Developer Interview with Titansoft

Your interview is in 24 hours, and you have 4 options to choose from:

  1. You start panicking and googling about how you should prepare for an interview with Titansoft
  2. You are as prepared as ever for this interview
  3. What is an interview?
  4. I’m so scared I think I’m going to pee in my pants tomorrow

Well, I’m sure everyone goes through this wave of emotions which I personally call it the “Interview Emotional Breakdown Wave of Emotions Chart”. (refer below)

Interview Emotional Chart

But not to worry, here are 4 useful tips from our very own Interviewers which I believe will make your interview experience (and life) much easier.


Tip 1: Research on the Company  Prepare yourself for the interview by finding out as much as you can beforehand and read up on our Titansoft Website. Procrastination is not the way to nail an interview

Tip 2: *Huge Hint* Familiarise yourself with your online test codes – Why? There’re some new requirements which will be given during the interview, so it requires candidate to understand their code well, in order to briefly explain your code as well as solve those requirements. It will be great if you could familiarise yourself with coding languages. Want to know more? Review our Software Developer Job description to find out more!

Tip 3: Be Pro-active – Don’t be shy! We will not eat you up. Instead, our Titansoft Interviewers love questions and this is your only chance you ask as many questions as you like! Be Curious, for knowledge will not acquire you. But you must acquire it!

Tip 4: Be Confident – We know, we know. You’re in the hot seat. Your palms are sweaty; voice is shaky; face is flushed; and mouth is dry. Maybe you’re bouncing your knees and talking too fast. Perhaps your heart is racing or your stomach is turning.


We have all been through that crazy wave of emotions before and after the interview. But nervousness will not help you in nailing that interview. Drink some water, take deep breaths and calm yourself down. You have prepared yourself prior to the interview and now it’s your time to shine!

Have yet to attend our interview? What are you waiting for? Apply with Titansoft now and you could be our next star!

Being a Software Developer is not your cup of tea? Visit our Titansoft Career Page for more opportunities!



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