“Find a company you want to contribute to”: Wenzhe, Senior Product Developer

Known for his looks – as a very realistic Joker during our villains-themed Dinner and Dance at the start of the year, Wenzhe is described by his team as one of the most accountable member, proactive in problem solving. Literally our poster boy for the V-CEPAT value of Emergent Leadership, his presence is everywhere in the office, spotted on our posters along the corridor and in meeting rooms!

Read on as we had a chat with the Senior Product Developer self-proclaimed as “one of the top three best looking guys in Titansoft”, on why he believes a company’s culture is important and what drives him to step up to different responsibilities.

  1. You took on the role of out-link for your team last year, and in-link this year. What was your motivation in taking up additional responsibilities?

It is simply about wanting to contribute. When I first join a company, I ask myself: why do I want to work here? It is either the culture, the environment, the people, the job scope or the product. If there is at least one thing to like, I will find a way to contribute to the company. I have always felt that I can either treat my work as just a job for the salary, or I can see it as a career, and choose to take on responsibility whether it is for a project or even a management role such as being the in-link.

  1. In your opinion, what are some important qualities to be successful as developers in Titansoft?

Being responsible, having a proactive attitude and the willingness to contribute.

  1. When approached to be part of the Culture Pilot Team, you were quite excited and shared that you feel organizational culture is important. Can you elaborate more on that?

I often hear from my friends who quit their jobs, that “this company’s culture sucks”, or “this company has bad culture”, so I have always believed that culture is an important factor for people in their decision to stay in or leave a company

Also, companies typically hire based on “culture fit” and how new hires adapt to and behave in the company is also based on the existing, established culture. This is why culture is important. When you like the culture and the people in a company, you will want to be a part of it and contribute.

  1. Among V-CEPAT, which company value resonates with you the most and how do you apply it to your work to make a positive influence on others?

Emergent leadership.

Because we are in an agile environment, there is no micromanaging, so everyone needs to possess a certain amount of leadership and take the lead when the need arises.

It also influences and motivates others when they see someone else taking initiative. I started with myself and now, I am starting to see the influence on my team.

  1. What are the advices you have for other Titaners to enrich their work experience here in Titansoft?

Titansoft’s environment is very suitable for people who are clear on what they want to do. We are given freedom to be self-organizing, to take initiative to learn, to propose ideas and to take the lead, even if you are a junior.

Have fun and continue improving yourself. The promotion criteria for developers in Titansoft is very clear, it is about knowing what you need to improve on, and working on that. Improvement is the goal and promotion is really just a validation that everyone agrees you have reached a certain level of proficiency in your work. The open and transparent promotion panel is a good opportunity to gather feedback on how others see your contributions in the company. I believe the criteria for each job grade in Titansoft corresponds to benchmarks in the software development industry, so continuous improvement will be helpful to your entire career.

When you have doubts, ask HR for help. Or anyone, really. You can always ask anyone for help.

Also, make friends in the company. Better communication makes it easier to work with people and reaching out to ask for help. Building up team spirit and strong team work makes the working process smoother.

What about you? Start on your journey of exploration in Titansoft!

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