“It’s the people and my own growth that makes me feel worth it”: Xinya, Senior Web Content Specialist

Frequently mistaken for a UX designer, Xinya is our Senior Web Content Specialist of many hats, taking on coordinating and cross-team communication responsibilities amongst others, working with designers every step of the process to deliver the best results.

Sitting down for a chat with Xinya, we learn more about how she works beyond her job role, what she values and most importantly, what keeps her here, 5 years and counting!

1. Can you share with us, your role in the current project you are working on, and how you were involved in various UX projects, as an editor?

For my current project, the nature of it is such that it involves a lot of cross office communication. My role grew from an editor, to include helping with communication and coordination within and outside the team, because that was what the team needed. It was not a specifically assigned role – anybody could have taken it up.

To me, design and content is a combination – they work together.

The essence of team work is really such that everyone has context about the project, but it does not have to be a specific person doing the deliverable.

Participating in the usability testing we conducted in Thailand was partly driven from my interest in learning more about UX research. The job of an editor involves more than just writing, it also includes content management, data analytics, translation, localization and more. I think our role has gradually evolved to become a “UX writer”, writing to help the user interact. To do that, we need to know the audience we are writing for. The Thailand project was an opportunity for us to build empathy with the users, discover problems with the content and being able to iterate on the spot.

2. What motivates you to continuously grow and go beyond your job scope of an editor?

There is something Tomas our General Manager and also Lorraine (a former editor in the team) used to say, “we are the ones who define the value of what we do”. If I think I am “only an editor” I will be stuck and limited to always doing just that. It is also in taking ownership of what you do and what you deliver. For content and design to come together, editors should be involved in every step of the way and have the autonomy to be part of the process, not just coming in when we need a line of text. We learn to use data to measure how well we are doing, so we can improve our effectiveness.

I often question myself, if I am happy, if I am growing. I might be happy just learning or doing something, but growing is more tangible. Growth is something I can look back on while happiness makes the journey a rewarding one.

3. Among our 6 core values of V-CEPAT, which value do you feel strongest towards?

Both emergent leadership and continuous learning, but more towards emergent leadership. In the past, our team did not have a team lead for a couple of years but even in that context, someone has to step up. It is not about having the “leader role”, sometimes it is just about wanting to get things done and being able to move on.

It is not about having the “leader role”, sometimes it is just about wanting to get things done and being able to move on.

To me, it is also about the people – I place a lot of value on people. They are the ones who will be there for me when I am in need. If the team’s morale is low and there is something I can do to make everyone happier, it is worth it. Even if I have not done any items but talked to 5 different people and managed to resolve some people problems, I feel that it is worth it!

4. What keeps you here, 5 years and counting?

5 years does not feel like 5 years, every year feels new! When I first came on board, I was expecting to just be doing translation. But over the years, there is always something new I experience and do differently, especially during the last 3 years when I was put into developer teams to collaborate with product owners and developers. As the only editor in the team, in some ways I was alone and had to learn to stand strong in the team.

Back in January last year, I took on roles which involved more of coordination. My work consisted of 80% coordination and 20% editor work. It was a new challenge to me and something I never thought I would enjoy – turns out I did and learned a lot in the process! This year, it was on a much bigger scale, coordinating cross-office, working with different people and different personalities. There are many things I learned through my interactions with different people that keeps me feeling challenged and intrigued.

Of course, there will be times I feel tired or overwhelmed. But I have a supportive environment – my team has very open communications and whenever I need help, I ask and will definitely receive help. When I need to talk to my manager, he is open for discussions. I appreciate that freedom very much!

4. What are some advice you would like to share with other Titaners on how to enrich their journey in TS?

Ask yourself if you are happy or growing during your time here, whether this is a place you feel fulfilled working in, and always be open to talk to people.

Also, explore beyond your role. After all, you are the one who set your own boundaries – just look at Jeanice, who went from a developer to becoming a Scrum Master. If you have an interest in trying something, do not be defined by your job title, there is always space for you to try.

What about you? Start on your journey of exploration in Titansoft!

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