How my intern experience at Titansoft got me my full time job

What are your chances of stepping into office on your first official working day but instead of smiling awkwardly to the permanent staffs that are there to welcome you, you two exchange greetings like you guys have not met for ages? Well, for me, I had the opportunity to do my internship here at Titansoft, and after accepting the job offer; my first day at work in office was a series of “Hey! How have you been?” instead of “Hello! How is the orientation so far?”

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A little secret to Scrum Master Survival

Developers produce code, testers produce quality, and what does a ScrumMaster produce then? A well working team is a common answer for question above. In my opinion, finding what to do is hard, yet finding how to do it properly is even harder. There are ton of articles out there which can tell you what you should be doing as a ScrumMaster, but not much of them will tell them how to do it right. Why? Because we all reckon in order to advise how things can be right, you have to experiment within the contexts. In this post, I will share some of my thoughts and learning since I have switched my role as to ScrumMaster.
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Two-man, Four-eyes Principle

4 eyes rule

WHAT is the Four-eyes Principle?

The four-eyes principle is a working rule that any work must at least go through two individuals for some form of actions before it is deployed. In a business context, the four eyes required for approval are often those of the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), who must both sign off on any significant business decision. Continue reading