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The story behind project V-CEPAT (or, how our internal culture project came about)!

This year, we ran a series of internal workshops and activities aimed to align and promote a better understanding of our core values V-CEPAT, and to help Titaners translate words into behaviours. December is a traditional time of the year for reflection, and so in the last week of the year, we look back on the story behind the V-CEPAT project, some lessons we learnt along the way and how we can work to improve on our efforts to strengthen our company culture – in a chat with Jasmine, our People and Operations Manager!

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“Continuous Learning is how you increase your limits”: Eric, Product Developer

Imagine a self-confessed “otaku” who was one of the finalists for best-dressed male during our 2018 Villain-themed Dinner and Dance, who enjoys fine dining experiences and is really good at solving problems by writing code.

The story of how he got started in programming is a classic – involving math homework and an ingenuous mind that’s “ugh” about doing repetitive work. Eric, our once-fresh-graduate newcomer, just crossed the 1 year mark as a Product Developer in Titansoft (yays!) and this is his story.

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A Taiwan Titaner’s Exchange Program Experience in Singapore: Katrina’s Story

She was one of the names in the slack channel, a face on the other side of the polycomm meeting, and a voice on the other end of a support call. Over the last 3 months, we had the chance to get to know her IRL (“in real life”), as Katrina, our Product Developer colleague from Taiwan was working out of our Singapore office, on an exchange program from the Taichung office! Grabbing the chance to speak to a fresh new face, we had a chat with her on the life of a Taiwan Titaner, in Singapore. 

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“Find a company you want to contribute to”: Wenzhe, Senior Product Developer

Known for his looks – as a very realistic Joker during our villains-themed Dinner and Dance at the start of the year, Wenzhe is described by his team as one of the most accountable member, proactive in problem solving. Literally our poster boy for the V-CEPAT value of Emergent Leadership, his presence is everywhere in the office, spotted on our posters along the corridor and in meeting rooms!

Read on as we had a chat with the Senior Product Developer self-proclaimed as “one of the top three best looking guys in Titansoft”, on why he believes a company’s culture is important and what drives him to step up to different responsibilities.

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“It’s the people and my own growth that makes me feel worth it”: Xinya, Senior Web Content Specialist

Frequently mistaken for a UX designer, Xinya is our Senior Web Content Specialist of many hats, taking on coordinating and cross-team communication responsibilities amongst others, working with designers every step of the process to deliver the best results.

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“Everyone can be a senior. It’s all about the mindset”: Fu Soon, Product Developer

Good problem solvers are good thinkers. A problem solver by nature, Fu Soon’s analytical skills are recognized both within the team and company as he asks sharp questions, is confident in what he knows and bold in not being afraid to say what he thinks.

Read on as he shares with us what he thinks is the most important mindset to have working in Titansoft, and how he goes about building a healthy team.

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“I start with the end in mind, and successful results motivates me to go on”: Alvin, Technical Support Analyst

Living the furthest away, but is usually the earliest to step into office in the mornings, Alvin has been known to ask the most insightful and critical of questions.

We had a chat with him as he shared some insights on his journey of growth, the most important qualities for a Technical Support Analyst in Titansoft, and how his team works together to cultivate a blameless culture.

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