3 things that happen after you cross the 1-year mark as the Best Tech Company to Work For : Titansoft edition

It is that time of every relationship, when the honeymoon period has passed and you are left examining reality after the dampening of the initial excitement. Titansoft is celebrating the one year anniversary of our Best Tech Company to Work for Award.

In the spirit of our Agile work practices, we are taking a retrospective look at the year past and examining how we can look forward to many more anniversaries of being a best tech company to work for. Here are what we have gone through after winning the award.

  1. A Surge of Pride Alongside a Growth in “Thick-Skinness”

We have all been there. When your Facebook status first changes to “in a relationship”, the outpouring of attention from friends and that random congratulating comment from someone you once met at some party and never again in real life just reinforces your sense of being in an awesome place in life.

Best Tech Company to Work For Award! (1).png

Turns out it is pretty much the same with a Best Tech Company to Work For Award. We started attracting more attention from the public, receiving inquiries from other companies to share our practices and Titaners pretty much brought the physical award everywhere they went, to sponsored conferences and campus recruitment events. As a conversation starter, they say. Exactly what your friend said when she made exaggerated hand movements to show off that shiny ring.

Best Tech Company to Work For Award!.png

  1. Upped “Cool Factor” in the Industry

We know we are a great company to work for. Now that we have an actual award to show for it, everyone else finally knows it too. 🙂


An increase in job applications and job offer acceptance rate speaks of the direct benefits to the HR team in their recruitment drives. National-level recognition has also brought us candidates of higher quality, with a marked interest in working at Titansoft and not to mention, a wider pool of choice.

In our conscious efforts keep on top of industry best practices, the HR team has also raised their awareness of and gained different perspectives and ideas to increase employee motivation. For current employees, there is a definite boost in morale as they bask in the warm glow of envy from friends outside the company. 🙂

  1. Long-Term Planning for the Future

After a year, it is time to commit for the long haul. To start thinking of and planning all the wonderful possibilities for the future to ensure this lasts.

To continue being the Best Tech Company to Work For, we looked back to our roots, to focus on the innovative practices which brought value to our employees and customers. Our unconventional human resource and Agile work practices were what bagged us the award.

Best Tech Company to Work For Award! (3).png

Moving forward, we will continue working towards human-centric principles and after gathering feedback, making continuous improvements to our existing Agile processes such as self-promotion procedures and salary transparency (the biggest shockers to external visitors!).

Further down the lane of our Agile journey are the technical aspects, when we sharpen our Agile development practices and put more effort on technology advancements, with deeper investments in the areas of research and development such as DevOps, Clouding and Machine Learning.

Best Tech Company to Work For Award! (2).png

For those of you who would like to learn more about us, check out our Facebook page and our current openings!

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