All about Data Scientist!

Data ScientistAs the role of a Data Scientist is becoming a hot job in the recent years, what then is a Data Scientist and what do they do?

To simplify, a Data Scientist is one who analyzes data for actionable insights. A Data Scientist plays an essential role in an IT organization as these group of people needs to have good perseverance, be strong in statistical and engineering skills to be able to understand the basis of the data.

How does a Data Scientist Work?

A Data Scientist has to first understand the business problem, the overall health of the product (such as our user experience) and the intention of the product usage (such as what is good about your product as compared to others); as such he / she will have to work closely with the development team, provide and explain the data they have analyzed to develop a usable and meaningful product to the users.

In the process of developing a usable product, the Data Scientist has to extract meaning from the data collected. After which, they would have to clean, transform and map these data into a readable format. Through this, he / she will generate insights and interpret them from the statistics acquired using various tools and methods such as Python, R, Keras, Theano, Tensorflow etc.

Imagine the days when we don’t have Data Scientists, we had to rely everything on our developers, and data analysis may not be their expertise. Analyzing data and / or learning data in a statistical way is in fact the expertise of a Data Scientist where those data could be used to proposed improvements for our product based on the results gathered.

During that period without Data Scientists, most of our developers were working overtime struggling to collect and understand data from various sources and mapping them to a readable product. Having our own Data Scientist today allows our developers to focus on their specialty, hence increasing the overall well-being of the business.

Our In-House Data Scientist

Our very own in-house Data Scientist uses ‘Machine Learning’ to help them collect, analyze and interpret data to solve a problem through the use of tools such as Keras, Tensorflow and Theano to enable fast experimentation. Through the use of these tools, our Data Scientist would share the outcome of the data analyzed with our developers as a basis for them to develop a usable and meaningful product.

One example would be after our developers gather the data from the Data Scientist, the developers would use the data to determine if the items needs to be cluster and / or classify to gain more understanding of the user behavior (e.g. if the UI needs to be resize based on how the user would react when they use through their mobile or desktop). Furthermore, the data would help the developers to find ways to enhance the features of the product and evaluate the risk and impact of the new features.

With these skills and knowledge, the role of a Data Scientist is important when he / she has to explore and analyze the data, combines with visualization and making sense to the data. Keen to explore on the opening with us? Check out our job portal for the latest information today!

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