Wear it, understand it and be proud of it!

Titansfot Polo Shirt

Hooray! we are celebrating SG50 with our new company shirt. What used to be our plain grey polo shirt has now transformed into an identifiable shirt with the classic Titansoft pixel logo embroidered on the chest coupled with a unique logo on the sleeve. Our Titaners are indeed excited to don on this newly designed polo tee.

Working with the voices

However, the process behind creating the shirt was not easy. “We had to make a few revisions since the logo and some text elements could not be read initially. It was hard to settle the shirt colour as the one that we proposed on the mock up was unavailable,” admitted the designer. Besides that, he also had to integrate Titaners’ recommendations into his creativity. Some of us longed for a brighter tone while others wanted to have more fun elements on the shirt. Even the fabric was a consideration as it was preferred to be comfortable and durable i.e. will not shrink over time. (We would like to think that it is not us who have grown bigger) Looking at how all of us proudly wear it to work every day, we are sure it is a great indicator of how satisfied our Titaners are of this shirt!

From the Designer’s Eye

What is the story behind the shirt elements? To the designer, the shirt is symbolic of a cultural blending from our different backgrounds and is representative of our hardworking people and the company.

Titansoft’s logo, which defines every Titaner, is placed at the top as an emblem of importance. What is interesting is the shield logo embroidered on the sleeve. Since we often have to debug or secure the products we deliver, the shield represents protection and security. While we wear the company shield on our sleeve, this signifies the mutual relationship where our people support the company and the company similarly fosters us as well. Blue is not only our company colour, it also symbolises loyalty, truthfulness and integrity. In other words, the blue shield is the manifestation of our values and this is bounded by the thick border to further emphasise how we unite as one entity.

The Thought in the Stars

This topic sparked off from “Do we want to represent our company’s business by having some sort of sports logo?” to “Are there three stars because we have three office locations?” Of course, we are talking about the most puzzling element, the three stars! Since every element appears to have a hidden meaning, we are sure there must be a story behind those brilliant yellow star-shaped geometries.

“The three stars represents the three major events that Titansoft has supported our customers!” revealed our designer. Last but not least is the motto “Never stop improving” on the enblem. The sentence is meaningfully slanted to display continuous motion where we will always be improving.

The Titansoft Shield

“Finally, we have something new, something different, as the previous polo shirt seemed too simple with just the company logo at the front,” expressed our staffs excitedly. Thanks to the designer and his attention to details, we have a new armor where we can work more comfortably and feel the pride of being under the Titansoft’s shield.

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