Start Your Own CoP, Learn from TiQuality

CoP team in discussion

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a CoP?  You might have a burning desire to set up a CoP, wondered about the process behind or the preparation involved. Not sure where to start? Well, learn from TiQuality!

TiQuality meetups

This is Titansoft’s first CoP that shares software testing knowledge and techniques through hands-on workshops or open discussions. TiQuality invites subject experts in each area to share topics like security testing and exploratory testing. You might recall we also previously shared about test case designing, TiQuality thus provides the channel to execute that knowledge to action.

Voice out your views with the open discussions or boot camps where members can bounce off ideas and align their thoughts. For example, they have held sessions to review the Company QA Standards & Guidelines together as well as 2 boot camp sessions on Mobile Web Best Practices. You can definitely anticipate fruitful discussions which are relevant and useful in our fields of expertise. Look out for TiQuality’s bi-monthly meet ups when they send out the discussion topics, meet and get inspired by fellow Titaners who share the same passion!

Interested in starting your own CoP? Here are some tips to get started!

  1. Define a clear focus for your CoP
    No matter what you have in mind, don’t forget your key goal for wanting to form this CoP. Think about the purpose of the group and how you want your target audience members to benefit from joining the COP.
  2. Know your target audience
    Stand in the shoes of the people who may have interest in your CoP. Think of their pains and gains, and try to answer their WIIFM principle: What’s in it for me?
  3. Keep learning and improving
    It’s not easy drawing and keeping members interested and engaged in any CoP. So it’s important to keep improving and think of new ways to maintain your regular CoP activities. Always keep your focus clear and know what you want your members to get out from joining your CoP. Don’t lose that focus and keep reminding yourself how you can help as the CoP Chairperson to facilitate all these and keep your members invested.

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